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Pomeranian Breed White

As stated above the breeding process of a true white Pomeranian is slow and could take years with breeders carefully breeding out all other more dominant colors while simultaneously ensuring they dont overbreed whites to whites. Pictures of white Pom dog.

Anjing Ras Yang Populer Di Indonesia Anjing Pomeranian Anjing Binatang

The AKC Pomeranian standard dog generally weighs between 3-7 pounds from the floor to the top of his withers shoulder blades.

Pomeranian breed white. White is rare in this breed and they are VERY expensive from reputable USA breeders. Many people dont realize that some of the first recorded pictures and paintings of the Pomeranian dog are of white and parti colored Pomeranians. The primary goal at Dochlaggie is to breed high quality Pomeranians.

Another factor that contributes to their price is the breeding process. Pomeranian Colors and History of the Breed. They are sturdy and medium-boned.

A great deal of thought and care selecting complementary coloured females with high quality bloodlines that would create quality ice white Pomeranians. The breed standard allows anything from Chocolate Sable to Black Tan to Parti Pomeranians. The gene that causes a white Poms coat to be white is recessive and breeders must be careful during the breeding process as they work towards acquiring a white Pomeranian.

Hes recognized as a compact breed but his fur gives him a bigger look. Snow White Pomeranians often fetch a higher price because its hard to produce them. We specialize in WHITE POMERANIAN colors but we do get a variety of other colors too.

An all white Pomeranian should be a solid white color free from any lemon or cream shadings. These dogs came in several light colors including pure white light cream and light gray. Small Dogs Strong Characters Once past puppyhood Poms are a robust breed and many never see a vet unless for vaccinations and maybe teeth cleaning.

A White Pomeranian as a newborn Pom puppy is snow white in color with pink points. The White Pomeranian is a toy breed. The original Pomeranians were white black brown and parti-colored.

We start with Healthy parents who have been Vet Checked fully vaccinated and that are on a strict worming and anti parasite schedule. Many white Pom breeders seem to come from other countries. The breed is descended from the medium to large-sized Spitz dogs.

When we first contacted Connor at Pom Palace he did not have any white female pomeranian available but said he would contact us when some were available sure enough after a couple weeks he contacted us. Pomeranians come in a wonderful array of colors. A rich red is most commonly associated with the breed but everything from black to white to sable and shades in between are acceptable even chocolate.

We had been looking a pure bred white pomeranian puppy for a few months but were only encountering fraudulent companies until we found Pom Palace. They can be noisy and feisty if allowed this should be stopped in puppyhood as an older Pomeranian with a suspect temperament is no ones friend. They are a square breed with a short back.

We have heard horror stories about buyers losing thousands of dollars because they receive sick poor quality dogs after. Their tail is high and lies flat on the back. The White Pomeranian is often described as fox-like in their appearance as he has dark bright eyes and small erect ears.

As the puppy ages the points should darken to black. By mixing white with the blacks cream and wolf sables we managed to create pure white Pomeranians. In spite of that orange has become synonymous with the breed due to their popularity.

You may be wondering how the Pomeranian ended up with such a wide color variation. Pomeranians are not cheap because breeding them comes at a high cost. The Pomeranian is one of the most expensive breeds of small dog breeds.

Watch out for pure white fluffy gorgeous Pomeranian puppies sold online. Black was likely introduced by the German Spitz. Usually the average cost of purchasing a pet quality puppy from a reputable breeder is about 1500 to 3000.

High-quality Pure White Pomeranians can cost around 500 5000 depending on the breeder. A major fault would be having a white foot on any dog thats not white or parti-colored. The White Pomeranian is a toy breed.

Average 1500 - 3000 USD. The red and orange colors were quite rare at that time. We love the little cute Teddy Bear face pomeranians like Boo the Pomeranian.

Pomeranians are generally perky friendly little dogs.

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