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4 Facts Pomerian Boo Mini

4 Facts Pomerian Boo Mini

Pomeranian dog is a small dog breed. This breed is pretty popular because of its small figure. If a standard Poms is good enough, why is there a mini Pomeranian dog? Well, many people cannot resist the cuteness of puppies but the cuteness will gradually decrease when the dog gets older. This is something that will not be found in pomerian boo mini since it will look like a cute puppy forever. Here are some facts about mini Poms.


The standard Pomeranian dog is very adaptable because of its small size. Of course, you can expect that the mini Poms will be very adaptable as well. It will be able to fit into various households. Even when you are living in an apartment with limited space, this dog will adapt well. However, you have to remember that it can get worried or panicked easily when the owner leaves. Yet, it can be considered a better choice than the teacup pomerian price.


If you are looking for a family dog, mini Poms will be a perfect choice. This dog is loyal and living. Everyone in the family will love to have this dog as a company because it is super playful. However, you might need to think twice to keep the pomerian boo mini if there are small children in the family. It can be too fragile for small kids who cannot control themselves pretty well. You can consider keeping this dog if the kids are old enough.


You will expect intelligent characteristics from Pomeranian dogs and this characteristic can be found in pomerian boo mini as well. It means that it is possible to train this dog but you might have to work harder when training this dog because it can be very stubborn as well. Of course, you cannot ignore training for your dog to make sure that it can respect the family and other dogs.

You better avoid yelling, punishment, and harsh treatment to this dog because it is very sensitive. You do not want to damage its temperament, for sure.


Do not forget to pay attention to the needs of this dog. You need to groom it regularly because the fur can be the place for dirt, ticks, and fleas. You also need to take the dog to exercise because physical activities are crucial to keep your pomerian boo mini happy and healthy. Exercise with your dog will be useful to control the behavioral problems of the dog as well.

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