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Teacup Pomerian dog Pros and Cons

Teacup Pomerian dog Pros and Cons

At first, you might find it difficult to differentiate between a teacup pomerian dog and a teddy bear. Both look very similar. This might be the reason for this dog's popularity in America for years. This dog looks like a toy with its super small size. It is not bigger than your palm. However, if you are interested in keeping this dog, you should consider its pros and cons first.


The teacup pomerian price will not be a big problem if you are determined to keep a dog. You will get various benefits from this dog type. It might be a tiny dog but it is full of personality that you might want from a dog. It still has the characteristics of its ancestors that have up to 30 pounds size. You will find it full of spirit, tenacious, stubborn, and bold.

A teacup pomerian dog is full of positive energy. That is why you might think that this dog is so loving and fun. At the same time, you do not have to worry about maintenance. The small size will keep the maintenance minimal. You will be able to handle this dog easily.

You can train this dog easily if you adopt the dog when it is still young enough. You will find this dog love to spend a lot of time with its adult owners. It is a great dog to help you change your mood since it has a sharp sense of your emotional circumstances. It is very affectionate and more importantly can adjust pretty well in a small living space. Do not forget that small size will mean small food costs as well.


Let’s talk about the drawbacks of teacup pomerian dog because every dog breed always has some drawbacks. Most of the disadvantages associated with this Pomeranian dog type are associated with its health. This dog is also very vocal. It might be small in size but the bark sounds like a large dog. It can bark anytime in any situation.

Because of its small size, this dog will very dependent on its owner. You cannot leave it alone especially on the outside because it can be a target for predators. That is why this dog is more suitable to be kept indoors. You might also have to deal with its moody behavior and that is why you need to give it its own house. A teacup pomerian dog might have a tiny body size but it can be super bossy like an alpha dog. 

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