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4 Medium to Large Dog Breeds That Do Not Shed

Medium to Large Dog Breeds

Keeping medium to large dog breeds at home needs a big commitment because the maintenance can be bigger than small dog breeds. Nevertheless, you might try to reduce the maintenance needed by choosing dog breeds that do not shed.

It is not only about the maintenance, after all. Choosing a dog that sheds less will be helpful for people who have an allergic reaction to dog fur. Here are some breeds for you.


Although a white pomeranian puppy looks cute, it is not the dog for everyone. If you want to get a dog with medium to large size that sheds less, Labradoodle can be included in your consideration.

This dog breed is a hybrid between two popular breeds, the Labrador Retriever and Poodle (standard or miniature). The good characteristics of both breeds can be found in this Labradoodle. The dog is intelligent and friendly. It is moderately active as well.

The fur is varied. Some dogs can look more like Poodle while others can look like Retriever's fur that is shaggier. Trimming the fur will be necessary once every 8-12 weeks.


When looking at the Whippet dog, you can understand easily the reason why this dog is included in the list of medium to large dog breeds that do not shed. The coats are silky, fine, and short. That is why grooming this dog breed will be easy-peasy.

You only need to rub-down the short fur once in a while to keep it gleaming. It does not shed often and does not have a dog odor. This dog has a similar look to the Greyhound. It is better not to let the dog off the leash because it can sprint very quickly.


A specific characteristic that can be found in the Schnauzer dog is its droopy mustache fur that makes it look like a walrus. This dog is robust while the coat is free of shedding. In its native country, this dog was initially used as a ratter and herder with efficient performance.

Nowadays, you will love it not only because it is part of the medium to large dog breeds that don’t shed but also because it will follow you everywhere. It will be a great companion dog with its extroverted personality.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs love playing in the water. Nevertheless, this dog is very loyal and obedient. It is initially used as a working dog. That is why it has great stamina that makes you have to give it a lot of exercises. This is one of the medium to large dog breeds you are looking for because of its slowly-grow coat and less shed. It is hypoallergenic as well. 

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