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Owning a Pomerian Dog Breed Pros and Cons

Pomerian Dog Breed

The pomerian dog breed is pretty popular, especially in the urban area. Because of its small build, it will be perfectly fit in the small urban residence. Nevertheless, just because it is popular, you should not choose this dog breed right away. The Pomeranian breed has pros and cons you have to consider before eventually choosing to keep it in your household.


Of course, the very first good aspect of the pomeranian dog breed is its good look. People fall in love with its adorable face that looks like a fox and is always smiling. Everybody is super cute. You will be able to carry it around or just keep it on your lap proudly.

The size of this breed is very convenient as well. Because of its small size, it means that you will not need to spend a lot of money on its food, treats, and maintenance. This dog breed is considered safe as well for your neighborhood.

With its bright personality, the pomerian dog breed can be a fun companion to be with. Although this dog loves to receive attention from the family member, it still needs to do activities that stimulate its hunting instinct.

This dog is also intelligent. That is why training this dog will not be difficult at all. It might be small in size but this dog is not fragile at all. This dog is pretty tough for its size. The lifespan is pretty long since the dogs can live about 15 years on average.


Yes, you might want to adopt a white pomeranian puppy as soon as possible after reading all the good things owned by this dog breed. However, you must not forget that this dog breed has some drawbacks as well.

First things first, this dog can be too serious about becoming a watchdog. You might want to keep this dog when you are living in an apartment but it can bark often due to every suspicious thing. This problem can be solved by socializing the dog early.

Being a smart dog can be a good thing, but at the same time, this dog breed can be troublesome because it is very persistent when it wants something. Just like any other small dog breed, Poms also have problems with potty training.

Since it is included in the toy breed category, you have to be very careful around it to avoid accidental injury. The pomerian dog breed can be pretty active and need extra care for its coat as well.

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