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4 Things about Pomeranian Dog White

Pomeranian Dog White

The people get confused on differentiating between Pomeranian dog white and Japanese Spitz. Meanwhile, this white pomeranian is only a common pomeranian in white fur. It belongs to the Spitz dog category. It is easy to understand why people get confused. However, a pomeranian dog can be identified from its nose where it tends to be shorter. These are some more things about white pomeranians. 

  1. Friendly Dogs

When you see this dog, you’re gonna like it for the first time seeing it. It is very cute and nice to see with thick white fur. This dog is a favourite dog of the Queen Victoria era adopting red pomp. This dog is very friendly and diligent, being this dog lovable. It is also smart and aware of the surroundings and environment. Though it is small, it is a special dog that makes you love it every single day. 

2.      Curious 

Pomeranian dog is my favourite one because it is curious, brave, and enthusiastic. Those dogs belong to a playable dog by the American Kennel Club. It is also a perfect friend for everyone, starting kids to elder people. The white Pomeranians are also smart and get involved in any activities. They want to get close to the human surrounding. 

3.      The Origin of White Pomeranian 

Pomeranian dog white comes from the origin location, Pomerania. It is an area of Eastern Europe. However, it is bred in Poland and West Germany. The white pomeranian is the breed from the Spitz dog category to be a cute dog. These Pomeranians are very popular since Queen Victoria fell in love with them when she visited Italy. After the trip, she became a breeder of Pomeranian and a member of the Pomeranian show in 1891. Queen Victoria becomes part of the reason why this dog race is a playable dog. It is a mini dog with a weight of 13.5 kg. 

4.      White Pomeranian Temperament 

White Pomeranian puppy looks so cute and tame. However, you must be careful. The dogs are active enough. It is a mini dog that is more suitable for urban lives. You must be aware of your dog’s barking. Though it is not aggressive, it doesn’t mean that it is kind and obedient without the right training and socialization. It is like all white puppies. These puppies require an early introduction to the world because it is risky to have a small syndrome of Pomeranian dog white 

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