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Pomsky, the Pomerian x Husky Mix You Can’t Resist

Pomsky, the Pomerian x Husky Mix You Can’t Resist

Have you heard of the Pomerian x Husky mix? The Pomsky, as this combination is widely known, is rising as a “designer dog”. Such popularity is largely due to the unique physical traits of this dog. It has the wolflike looks of a Siberian Husky but in the size of a Pom. Before you get one of these irresistible dogs, read this article first to get to know Pomskies!

Pomsky Appearance and Personality

Just like its name, the Pomsky is a mix between two dog breeds: the Pom and the Siberian Husky. Its fame has made its cost rather expensive, almost the same as a teacup Pomerian price. Due to its nature as a mongrel, Pomsky dogs can have vastly different characteristics even within the same litter.

The appearance of your Pomsky depends on which parent’s genes are more dominant. A typical Pomsky has fluffy fur and a small size like Poms. However, it has the well-known blue eyes and black-and-white fur of Siberian Huskies. Most Pomsky dogs are between 10 and 15 tall and weigh 20 to 30 pounds.

Pomskies are bright yet stubborn, just like other types of Pomerian mixes. You’ll need to train yours from a very young age so that it grows to be an obedient dog, especially if you have young children or other animals. 

Caring for Your Pomsky

To ensure that your Pomerian x Husky mix lives a long, healthy, and happy life, you must know how to look after it responsibly. Here are the three most important things that you need to do to care for your Pomsky well.

  • Food

Pomskies require high-quality meals in modest amounts at regular intervals. Because of their small size, be careful of choking hazards. It is advisable to use soft food and shallow bowls. Always check with your vet in case of any allergies.

  • Exercise

This Pomerian mix is extremely active and lively. You should take your Pomsky out for walks at least twice a day, in the morning and the afternoon, plus a couple of play sessions. Each walk should last 20-30 minutes.

  • Hygiene and Grooming

A Pomsky has double coats with long, silky fur. It needs daily brushing, especially around the shedding season. You also have to clean their teeth daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs. Finally, your Pomerian x Husky mix requires eyes and ears cleaning with sterile gauze twice a week.

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