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Black Pomerian Dog: Cute, But Should You Get One?

Have you seen a black Pomerian dog? Their unusual coloring, coupled with the small, adorable fox-like face of a typical Pom, make a black Pom the perfect canine companion. Get to know this rare Pom variant before getting one!

Black Poms, Why Are They So Special?

Out of the 12 possible Pom colors as defined by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the most common color is orange, while black is the most unusual. Some Poms naturally have two-colored coats. However, to be deemed a pure black Pomerian dog, a Pom must be solid jet black with no markings.

The rarity of black Poms among other types of Pomerian is because the black coat gene is recessive. Both a pup’s sire and dam (parents) must have the black gene for the puppy to have a pure jet black coat. Breeding two black Poms together is the most reliable way to create a black variety.

Nevertheless, with two fully black parents, getting a pure black variety is still extremely difficult. Often, Poms have black coats with markings of other colors. Pom DNA contains so many hues. It’s not out of the ordinary to find a white pup in a litter of black puppies.

How Much Are Black Poms and Where to Get Them?

A black standard and teacup Pomerian price is usually expensive due to the difficulty of breeding purely black Poms. Due to black Poms’ unusual coloring, breeders may boost the price of their puppies. A purebred black Pom puppy can cost between $800 to $2,000.

However, keep in mind that many irresponsible and unethical puppy mills only want profit while disregarding their dogs’ well-being. You might get a pup with severe health concerns due to poor breeding practices. Finding a reliable breeder that has black Poms can be challenging as well. Preferably, you should obtain a black Pomeranian from an AKC-certified breeder that specializes in pedigree dogs.

Should You Get a Black Pom?

Despite their tiny bodies, black Poms have a lot of energy and a huge personality to boot. They are very intelligent and curious. However, this also means they need obedience training and constant physical exercise. Otherwise, they may not listen to you.

Their stubborn nature also makes black Poms unsuitable for families with very young children. They may also require additional socialization with larger animals. A black Pomerian dog may be cute, but it’s not for everyone.

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