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3 Crucial Things that Matter Dealing with House Insurance Dogs


house insurance dogs

First-time potential house insurers that also dog owners often get confused about house insurance dogs. Some dog owners get a higher insurance rate than those that don’t have a pet. The truth is that pet insurance providers are concerned about your pet. Check the detail of the house insurance for dog owners below to understand it well.  

Dog Owners Get a Higher Insurance Rate 

Yes, it is. Most providers are concerned about your dog. They are looking for a chance that your pet will be a threat to anyone or property. The higher the chance, the higher the insurance rate you get. Alternatively, the providers will suggest you take home insurance policies that cover dog bites and other incidents. The liability insurance policy will protect you by covering medical expenses if your dog bites someone or destroys property. 

The Dog Breed Matters 

House insurance providers will also see the breed of your dog before approving your insurance request. They will ensure whether your dog is coming from an aggressive breed or not. Let say a potential insurer who is taking care of a Doberman may get a higher insurance rate. 

It is because Doberman is one of the aggressive breeds. A single bite from this dog can cause a terrible injury. In the house insurance dogs industry, high-risk dogs are known as restricted dogs. Besides Doberman, other restricted dogs are including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Alaskan Malamutes, Wolf Hybrids, German Shepherds. Your home insurance provider may ask you to exclude dog liability coverage from your policy, increase the rate, or even cancel your policy.    

The Best Option for Dog Owners who Want to Buy House Insurance 

A house insurance plan often covers dog bites as long as it is not from a restricted breed. If it is happening to you, your policy’s liability will cover the expenses. So, how if you are a potential house insurer with a restricted dog

The good news is that you can still manage your insurance plan, but some companies give you an exclusion. You have to agree that your liability insurance wouldn’t cover if your dog bites someone or destroys property. It means you have to spend money out-of-pocket if it is happening. 

Alternatively, you can shop another house insurance policy from an insurance provider that doesn’t have a strict rule concerning the dog breed. They may also give you an exclusion, but it is more straightforward than providers that don’t allow insurers with restricted dogs. 

You can even take a DNA breed test first before purchasing a house insurance plan. It helps to ensure that your dog is not a restricted dog. Some dogs visually look like restricted dogs, but they don’t. If it is so, you can have a better house insurance dogs plan.    

So, it doesn’t mean that you have to let your dog go only to get a house insurance plan. Try to discuss with the experts or friends who face the same problem about managing house insurance dogs. The information you get, the faster you get the best house insurance plan without sacrificing your beloved dog.     

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