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White Pomeranian Dog Price in India, Food, and Vet Costs


white pomeranian dog price in india

Speaking about dog breeds in India, Pomeranian is perhaps, one of the most popular. Ranging in color, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from. However, the snow-white-cute-looking Pomeranian seems to have more fans in India compared to the same dog breeds with other colors. If you are interested in parenting a white Pomeranian dog, this page will show you the price and overall costs that you might need to spend on it.

How Much Does a White Pomeranian Dog Cost?

The white Pomeranian dog price in India usually ranges from ₹5,000 to ₹15,000 each. Compared to most dog breeds, white Pomeranian is inexpensive. The total cost that you need to spend to have this dog breed is even less than ₹50,000. However, some factors are known to affect the price of white Pomeranian dogs in India.

·        Quality of the Puppy

The initial cost of your white Pomeranian dog highly depends on the quality of the puppy itself. It usually has something to do with how closely the puppy meets the breed standards. The closer to the breed standard, the better in quality. Aside from the quality, the genetic pedigree of the puppy also influences the price.

·        The reputation of the Breeder

It always gives you peace of mind to purchase a white Pomeranian puppy from a highly reputable breeder. However, you need to know that breeders who exhibit their puppies in dog shows tend to charge a premium price for the pet. It is unsurprising since a good and reputable breeder always takes care of their puppies carefully. Despite the premium price demanded, the quality of the white Pomeranian dog is guaranteed. So, make sure to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder only.

·        Demand and Location

The city or area where you reside in India also plays a key role in affecting the price of the white Pomeranian dog. Of course, the costs of white Pomeranians in big cities in India tend to be higher than those in rural districts.

Cost for Pomeranian Dog Food in India

Aside from the white Pomeranian dog price in India, you also need to prepare the budget for the food cost. This is important since dog food costs for white Pomeranians can be quite expensive. Make sure that you only provide high-quality dog foods for the white Poms. 

White Pomeranian dogs are small lap dogs. In this way, this dog breed doesn’t require the same amount of energy as a large dog breed. Depending on the brand that you pick up, dog food prices can be different from one to another. However, the cost for white Poms’ foods usually ranges between ₹1,500 to ₹2,500 on average.

White Pomeranian’s Vet Costs

Generally speaking, white Pomeranian suits to live in India since the dog breed can adapt to hot and humid conditions well. But, still, vet costs are needed to consider. Just like the food costs, the vet costs for your white Pomeranian also vary depending on the vet that you choose. On average, the annual medical expense for white Poms is about ₹1,500. This includes costs for vaccination, deworming, and neutering/ spaying.

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