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Pomeranian Boo mini τιμες 2021: Some Facts that You Need to Know


pomeranian boo mini τιμες 2021

Boo the Pomeranian used to be the cutest dog in the World. Through Boo the Pomeranian Instagram, this dog has gained a lot of attention due to its cuteness and intelligence. Unfortunately, Boo had passed away in September 2019 due to a heart problem.

Boo has left us with a legacy about how a Teacup Pomeranian could be the cutest company for humans. For this reason, Teacup Pomeranian gained a lot of popularity in recent years. So, here's some facts that you need to know about Teacup Pomeranian including Pomeranian boo mini τιμες 2021.

Descendant of Arctic dogs

Who could have thought that the tiny Teacup Pomeranian is a descendant of large Arctic dogs called Wolfspitz or Spitz dogs? These dogs were used to pull a sled above the surface of ice and snow. Their long fur helps to warm their body during long travel in the Arctic.

So, Wolfspitz is known for its agility and strength. It takes a long time before this dog breed becomes the family dog that we love.

Popular since the 1600s

In the 1600s, the British Royal family began adopting Pomeranians as pets. Six Pomeranian dogs become Queen Victoria's beloved pets. Their names were Fluffy, Nino, Mino, Beppo, Gilda, and Lulu. Six of them were shown in the 1891 opening of Cruft's, now the biggest dog show in the world.

Ever since that year, Pomeranian gained a lot of popularity to become a household dog.

Mini Pomeranian price

Teacup Pomeranian is the tiniest breed of the Pomeranian dog breed. Weighing less than 8 kg, the dog is often confused as a cat by many. However, this dog is known for its expensive price in certain parts of the World. The cost of the dog is likely due to the small size of the dog itself.

Generally, a Pomeranian boo mini τιμες 2021 could go above $1,500. The pup is even more expensive, with the price could go as high as $5,000. Uniquely, the smaller the dog, the more expensive the price will be.

Small but brave

Despite the size, Teacup Pomeranian is widely known as a very fierce dog breed. This might be because of the natural trait that the dog ancestors have. Due to this characteristic, Teacup Pomeranians are often very aggressive towards other dog breeds. Other than that, Teacup Pomeranians are often suspicious of strangers.

This dog also has the tendency to bark. As a result, a Teacup is an excellent watchdog. But, it is not recommended to use a Teacup Pom as a guard dog.

That’s all the facts about Teacup Pomeranian that you need to know. Other than Pomeranian Boo mini τιμες 2021, there are several unique facts that you need to know. In summary, Teacup Pomeranian is a descendant of an Arctic dog. The size is shrinking gradually due to its popularity of becoming a family dog. Despite the size, Teacup Pomeranian requires a lot of care and affection. The price is also expensive due to the size of the dog itself. Despite all of that fact, Teacup Pomeranian is still one of the most popular Teacup-sized dogs in the world.


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