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Chihuahuan Desert Location

Desert is part of the earth that has very little rainfall because the weather is hot and the land seems dry. There are many unique things that you can find in the desert, ranging from the temperature, flora, and even the fauna in it. One of the most unique deserts located in the Naica Mine, Mexico has an unusual phenomenon in it. 

Chihuahuan desert location is an area of ​​about more than 200,000 square kilometers has stunning desert plants and animals. Not only that, there are lots of crystals up to 12 meters high at the bottom of the desert. This location is also known as the Giant Crystal Cave.

What is an Interesting Fact about the Chihuahuan Desert?

Chihuahuan Desert Location

The Chihuahuan desert location is easy to search on the map. This desert is the second largest in North America. Are you looking for a short escape destination? This desert can be your choice. Most people are also interested to spend their time in deserts located in Texas. Before that, below are several facts about this stunning desert. 

  1. It is the largest area of desert in North America that covers almost the entire area of Chihuahua. It is also located in some cities such as Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo León, Sonora, and Zacatecas. If we look for it in maps, its areas are spread in northern and central Mexican plateau. 
  2. It is also one of the places with the most bio-diverse desert. Since it spreads in vast areas so this desert can have many kinds of endemic plants and lives. 
  3. Rain also falls in this area. It usually comes in late June to early October.
  4. Do you know that many areas become urban areas? It is possible to live here. Chihuahuan desert location especially Ciudad Juarez even has almost 2 million populations. That’s so great.

Is the Chihuahua Dog the Most Common Animal in the Chihuahuan Desert?

Chihuahuan Desert Location

The Desert is not only a large area that is famous for the dried land only. Now the desert is also a potential place for destination since it has much uniqueness. One of the famous deserts in the Chihuahuan desert. Chihuahuan desert location covers the northern part of the state of Chihuahua and a small portion of the other Mexican states and also extends across the border of the southern United States. 

When we talk about desserts, the first thing we think of is hot, dry, and arid. But this desert can be a very interesting and exciting vacation spot. Imagine that there many interesting things you can see and enjoy there. It is not about the dried area but also the animals and creatures that live there. Who are they? 

A very large area of this desert makes it possible to the biodiversity to stay here although it only has a 20% percent grass-covered area. The most growing plants here are the bushes with the creosote bush yucca and mesquite kinds. It covers mostly the lower areas of this desert. 

So, how is the original animal? It is stated that the grey Mexican wolf is found in this Chihuahuan desert location. On the other hand, Chihuahua dogs come from the country of Mexico. They are also the smallest race in the world. In addition, the name of this dog is also taken from the name of one of the regions in the country but there is no literature stating that this dog could live in this desert.

Do You Want to Feel the Sensation of a Short Escape in the Chihuahuan Desert Location? Here are the Tips for You.

Chihuahuan Desert Location

Have you a desire to go to a wide and beautiful desert? You can realize it by paying attention to several things that can help you in carrying out your journey. There are different ways to enjoy your vacation. To get a comfortable and memorable journey in the Chihuahuan desert location, we have some tips you can try.

1.      When on vacation to the desert, wear clothes that are appropriate for the hot desert conditions. If the desert conditions are hot, then the clothes that are suitable for you to wear are thin and brightly colored. Types of comfortable clothing materials to wear in hot temperatures are such as cotton, linen, silk, jersey, and others. These types of clothes contain natural fibers and easily absorb sweat. They will provide comfort for you during the holidays. Avoid wearing thick and dark-colored clothes; they will absorb heat more quickly.

2.      To keep your skin healthy after coming home from vacation, don't forget to use sunblock. This sunblock product is made from inorganic materials that can protect your skin from the bad effects of UV rays. The way these sunblock works is by reflecting solar radiation before it hits your skin. UV rays that try to touch your skin will be blocked first by sunblock. Since the area of the Chihuahuan desert location has a temperature under 60 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of 90-100 percent.

3.      With these extraordinary hot conditions you need a head covering in the form of a hat, scarf, or another kind of cloth that can protect your head. The cotton material is great for protecting your head from the sun. In addition, the scarf also functions as a barrier to sweat, dust, and sand in the desert.

4.      Using these sunglasses is not only to support your appearance, but the important thing is that these glasses protect your eyes from the sun's rays in the desert. Extremely hot conditions can damage your eyes if you don't protect them. Therefore, wearing sunglasses is one way to protect your eyes from solar radiation.

5.      To keep your body in balance with the weather conditions in the desert, you need to bring plenty of mineral water to avoid becoming thirsty or dehydrated. If you usually go traveling only bring enough drinking water, when on vacation to the desert you have to bring as much water as possible.

6.      A sandstorm is a natural phenomenon that often occurs in the desert. When there is a storm, a lot of sand and small materials fly around. If when you are on vacation you meet a desert phenomenon like this, of course, this sand will damage your skin if it is not protected with a jacket.

These are all six travel tips you need to know before you go on vacation to the desert. Hopefully, these tips are useful and can help you to prepare yourself before a vacation to the desert. If you have an experience on vacation to the desert, especially the Chihuahuan desert location, don't hesitate to share it!

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