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Royal Canin Giant Puppy

Many say that the dog is one of the best animals created by God as a friend to humans. It's no surprise considering there's so much fun to do with a dog. This one pet is also known to have high loyalty to its owner. Interestingly, various types of dogs can be chosen as pets. Can be adjusted to your liking or taste. They commonly are adopted when it is still a puppy. Royal Canin giant puppy is one of the best foods for your puppies. So, what are the ways to treat and feed the puppy? How much should I feed my puppy? 

Here are Why You Should Adopt a Puppy

Royal Canin Giant Puppy

Keeping animals, such as dogs and cats, is fun and brings happiness. Generally, two ways can be taken to get it: adoption or purchase. Although animal adoption brings many advantages, many are still hesitant to choose this method.

There is an assumption that the condition of the animals in the shelter is not good. They were sick, gloomy, and old. Animals housed in shelters are generally rescued by volunteers and professionals from the shelter. Some of them are lost, neglected, or even hurt by their owners.

Inside the shelter, they are well cared for, fed, and given enough love. Although sometimes the shelter has financial constraints, they will do their best to ensure the health and hygiene of the animals including giving it a special Royal Canin giant puppy. When someone is moved to adopt a puppy, they will get a new pet that is healthy, clean, and happy.

Have you ever heard the term puppy mills? The term refers to conditions in which dogs are bred forcibly. Many mother dogs are kept in cages and forced to give birth to as many puppies as possible.

Their condition is pathetic. This very irresponsible practice often makes their bodies hurt to the point where they can't take it anymore. Their health and happiness are also neglected. If you choose to adopt an animal, then you are also contributing to the fight against the practice of puppy mills. You can give them the best treatment such as giving the Royal Canin giant puppy. Puppies sold in pet stores are often the product of this livestock.

Sadly, there is no guarantee that puppies produced by puppy mills will be well cared for. Many also end up being neglected. If no one else buys puppies, then hopefully people will no longer sell puppies from puppy mills. Apart from saving their lives, the option of adopting animals also gives shelters more space to save more abandoned animals out there.

Every day, there are many animals including dogs and puppies that are rescued and housed in the shelter. But their place must be limited. Adoption will ensure that these shelters always have sufficient space for animals that need help.

The money that you would have used to buy a puppy or cat can also be saved for other purposes, such as buying food, toys, blankets, or vaccines. Animal adoption costs nothing. Shelters have a mission to provide a safe place for stray animals, not for commercial purposes. That's why before bringing home the pet, they will make sure you have a strong commitment and ability to raise animals at home.

This preventive step is crucial so that the animal will no longer experience violence in its new family. So, come to the nearest shelters and adopt an animal. There, you will see their happy faces. Hope to find family and a new home that is warm and comfortable.

Buying Your Puppy Royal Canin Giant Puppy Food 

Royal Canin Giant Puppy

For cat and dog lovers, the name Royal Canin is familiar. Royal Canin is one of the world's leading premium dog and cat food brands. What makes Royal Canin different from other pet food brands? Because Royal Canin believes that every animal is unique, and every animal has different needs.

Royal Canin was founded by a veterinarian in 1968. With a background as a veterinarian, he certainly has a lot of knowledge about animals and saw an opportunity to make premium quality dog ​​and cat food tailored to the needs of pets and the satisfaction of the owner.

Various studies were conducted to analyze the nutritional needs of each type of dog and cat, then combined with the body posture and habits of each animal. Because every pet is different, judging from the breed, body size, jaw shape, age, and activity.

Not only that, but Royal Canin giant puppy also provides a variety of dog food and cat food for pets with certain diseases. So, don't be surprised if they are Royal Canin recommended by many veterinarians.

It is this product diversification based on years of research and development that makes Royal Canin different from other animal feeds. For example, for certain cat breeds, Royal Canin giant puppy has special products such as Royal Canin for British Short Hair, Persian, Maine Coon cats, and others.

Likewise with the health conditions of certain cats and dogs. Diseases that are usually commonly experienced by cats and dogs, such as digestive problems, have diet solutions, diseases such as hepatitis to FLUTD/FUS. Royal Canin giant puppy has solution products.

Pay Attention to This Feeding Guide 

Royal Canin Giant Puppy

Feeding your puppy properly is a good start to care. The right pattern and type of food in a puppy is the most important thing to keep him healthy in the process of growth and development.

For dog food, Royal Canin giant puppy product distinguishes them based on weight and several types of breeds. Dog food is based on body size, namely small dogs weighing under 10 kg (mini), 10-25 kg (medium), 25-45 kg (maxi), and dogs weighing over 45 kg which are categorized as giant dogs. As well as dog food by type such as German shepherd, Dachsund, Labrador, pug, poodle, etc.

Apart from being based on age, type, and weight, the Royal Canin giant puppy also has variants of dog and cat food that can help cure various diseases. This type of food is usually recommended by veterinarians, for example for dogs and cats with digestive problems, urinary tract problems, special diets and to help reduce weight.

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