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Royal Canin Labrador

Royal Canin Labrador is one of the recommended for your dog. Such other creatures, dogs also need nutritious food to keep them healthy and support their movement and activities. This is in line with the fact that keeping animals today is not just a hobby. Pets are part of the family so their quality of life must be considered, just like their owners. Currently, dogs are pets that are often the choice for urbanites.

Unfortunately, caring for a dog requires commitment. Dog food affects their health and quality of life. The dog's need for food is similar to that of humans, that is if you can eat perfectly healthy food. Royal Canin Labrador could be your choice for a healthy Labrador dog.

Looking for Better Food for Your Labrador Dog? Here are the Reviews of Royal Canin Labrador

Royal Canin Labrador

Many producers try to always do some research and development for giving the best product (dried or canned food) for existing dogs. One of the products is known as Royal Canin Labrador. It is a food product for animals, especially cats and dogs in the form of wet food packaged in cans. 

The strength of the product is so very practical so it is very easy to carry anywhere when traveling. Royal Canin is the first cat and dog food to offer complete nutrition through wet food. The nutrients contained in Royal Canin have been tested by veterinarians. So, pet owners should not be worried to give their lovely dog this kind of food.

However, some of us may be unfamiliar with this kind of product even though Royal Canin is globally sold and consumed. This review will be beneficial for you. Royal Canin type Labrador is designed for the adult purebred Labrador. It is good to consume for at least15 months or more dogs. Since every product from Royal Canin has their specification for the ages and needs. It is specifically designed in the kibble-like small doughnut.

We know that a mature dog usually has a deficiency in a chew. They tend to eat so slowly. That’s why Royal Canin Labrador could be the best solution for dogs with similar problems and habits.

Although Labrador is a kind of big body dog, however, the owners should manage the weight. Get the ideal weight for your dog by consuming it regularly. What is the fat content? We should be very happy since this food is enriched with precise fat and calories. It means even we care for adult dogs; we still can do the efforts for maintaining the nutrition to keep their strong bodies. 

Have issues with the skin of your Labrador dog? Leave your worry, then feed them with Royal Canin Labrador with the specification for strengthening the coats and the healthy skin. Some rich nutrient contents are mixed and made well such as rice, oat in form of groats, corn, and others. With vitamins and minerals, this product is advised.

How is about the price? It may be pricy or not but it is very worth buying. A pet lover commonly will only prioritize the claim and the benefit of consuming.

Simple Understanding Feeding Guides 

Royal Canin Labrador

One of the most primary conditions for having a pet with you is commitment. We need to be ready for financial preparation to prepare a spacious and clean cage, commitment to providing the best food, regular dog care, and time to interact. Dog food is the most crucial need related to the health and development of dogs.

In general, the criteria for good dog food are the same for all types of dogs. Protein works for muscle growth. Fats and carbohydrates are the main sources of energy. Good dog food also contains vitamins and minerals. Drinking water must always be provided and it must be clean water. If you are the owner and choose Royal Canin Labrador as your dog’s food, you can try this feeding guide so you will get maximum growth and health. 

Generally, every dog ​​food product also provides information on how to dose the food appropriately. The feeding process should not overfeed or underfeed. Eating is a routine process that requires simple but meaningful rules.

Royal Canin provides guidelines for feeding. This indication is based on things, namely the weight and type of dog activity. Adult dogs weighing about 26 kg have a different dose in each meal based on the activities carried out. If they have low activities (needless intake) you just need to give about 3 3/4 cups (299 g). For the medium activities, it is suggested to feed them in 4 3/8 cups (346 g).

While, for a very active adult dog, you can give the Royal Canin Labrador about 5 cups (394 g). What is the way to decide the level for activeness in activities? You can observe or ask the expert to make sure the amount of food you should give. 

In short, the number of feedings will increase according to the dogs’ weight and how active they are. Although it may be quite difficult to determine, with practice and observation it is not a difficult thing to do.

Tips for Adult Dog Feeding 

Royal Canin Labrador

Before knowing the right amount of food, you need to provide the quality food needed to meet the nutritional intake. Do not give food that is not needed so as not to harm the digestive system. In addition, you need to pay attention when he eats, don't let him eat too fast, because it will lead to problems with his digestive system. Here are several tips for adult dog feeding you can try.

  • Adjust to age, body size, and activities. Giving dry food is a common food choice given by dog ​​owners. For how many doses, you can adjust to the age and size of the dog. As he gets older, he will need a different intake of nutrients and calories.
  • Do not feed your dog just before or after physical activity, and allow an hour between feeding and physical activity.
  • Make sure you feed them away from the hustle and bustle of the house, where they can eat undisturbed.
  • If you change their diet, do it little by little. We can start with the previous food and gradually add the new food over a few days.

Here are several tips about how to feed the dog with Royal Canin Labrador. Even though your Labrador is an adult, to stay healthy, they need nutritious food and adequate physical activity. Hopefully, your dog will be active and healthy.

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