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Jacksonville Humane Society seeks donations for dog and her 12 puppies

Sundae is a very sweet mother dog of 12- yes 12!- puppies. Sundae and her puppies were found in the lumbers this past weekend. Sundae i...

Golden retriever adopts orphaned puppies

CLARENCE, N.Y.( WTHR) -- A three-year-old Golden Retriever in New York recently became a mom to eight puppies . But she only gave bir...

Edmond man charged with animal cruelty after shooting chihuahua with .357 Magnum

EDMOND, Okla.- An Edmond man allegedly applied a revolver to kill a small dog in his backyard . Investigators applied several par...

There Are Going to Be a Ton of Chihuahuas Available for Adoption in DC Soon

You've seen them in Taco Bell commercials and in Paris Hilton's purse. Now, one could be yours. Man's best friend is go...