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Cat Breeds Arabian Mau

These felines are known for being energetic sociable and playful. Arabian mau breed history.

Arabian Mau Cat Cats Arabians Egyptian Mau

United arab emirates saudi arabia.

Cat breeds arabian mau. The arabian mau is one of the oldest of all of the natural feline breeds. The origin of the breed. You may find these cats in shelters and breed specific rescues so remember to always adopt.

The arabian mau is a medium to large sized cat. The arabian mau is not a particularly slender cat and has a very well developed musculature. Cat breed directory arabian mau arabian mau shortcut.

The arabian mau is a natural cat breed cat which means they developed without the need for human intervention. The arabian mau is a formal breed of domestic cat originated from the desert cat a short haired landrace native to the desert of the arabian peninsula it lives in the streets and deserts of the arabian peninsula and has adapted very well to its extreme climate. The chin of this cat breed is firm the eyes are oval and large.

The arabian mau is recognized as a formal breed by few fancier and breeder organization and cat registry world cat federation wcf. Don t shop if you re. These cats have developed there all by themselves more than 1000 years ago without any human intervention.

Known well for adapting to extreme temperatures you would easily find them in the streets of their native land. The arabian mau is a medium sized cat. It is short haired and mainly found in the desert regions of the arabian peninsular.

Its head is round the nose is concave curved and the whisker pads are pronounced. A native feline from near east uae bahrain qatar kuwait saudi arabia and other countries from persian gulf. This cat s structure is firm and large.

Only recently has this desert cat become recognized as an actual breed even though it has been common in the arabian peninsula including the united arab emirates kuwait oman qatar and saudi arabia for over 1 000 years.

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