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Invasive Species Mammals

Imported them to help keep aquatic. Invasive and exotic mammals.

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The wild hog sus scrofa is an exotic invasive species that significantly impacts native resources and their populations are expanding significantly throughout the united states.

Invasive species mammals. In the u s there are four invasive species collectively known as asian carp. The following species have been listed on an invasive species list in north america. Mammals are important for the balance of the ecosystems in which they exist.

Some of the 14 worst invasive mammal species include goats rats mice red deer and cats among others as summarized below. For more information on each species including the listing sources images and publication links click on the species. In addition wild hogs are likely contributing to the spread of disease such as pseudorabies.

Bighead carp black carp grass carp and silver carp. However they can also be very destructive causing damage to not only plants but also the birds humans and other mammals. The world s worst invasive mammals animals as common as goats deer rabbits or mice can have a devastating effect on other wildlife long tailed macaque arco images gmbh alamy.

In the 1970s the u s.

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