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The current version was updated in may 2020. Mysticeti baleen whales.

Learning About Dolphins For Homeschoolers Dolphin Images Dolphin Photos Dolphins

Learn more about the types of marine mammals below.

Marine mammals list. A comprehensive list of marine mammal photos in the stock photography database of phillip colla photography. This section will provide you with a huge list of marine mammals including cetaceans whales dolphins and porpoises fissipeds polar bears and otters pinnipeds seals fur seals sea lions and walruses and sirenians manatees and dugongs. The committee on taxonomy chaired by patricia rosel produced the first official society for marine mammalogy list of marine mammal species and subspecies in 2010 consensus on some issues has not been possible.

Marine mammals are a fascinating group of animals and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes from the sleek streamlined water dependent dolphins to the furry seals that haul out on the rocky coast. Conservation status codes listed follow the iucn red list of threatened. The list is updated at least annually.

More marine mammals will be added as they. This list follows the society s taxonomy regarding and subspecies. Please look through the list and click on the marine mammal you are interested in learning more about.

Marine mammals comprise over 130 living and recently extinct species in three taxonomic orders the society for marine mammalogy an international scientific society maintains a list of valid species and subspecies most recently updated in october 2015. They include animals such as seals whales manatees sea otters and polar bears they are an informal group unified only by their reliance on marine environments for feeding and survival. Odontoceti toothed whales except river dolphins.

This is reflected in the footnotes. Marine mammals are aquatic mammals that rely on the ocean and other marine ecosystems for their existence.

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