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Unusual Cat Breeds Pictures

Jul 13 2014 explore lynette brown s board unusual cat breeds on pinterest. See more ideas about cat breeds cats cats and kittens.

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Every cat is unique with it s own looks and personality but when most people think of cats they think of a fairly generic looking animal.

Unusual cat breeds pictures. Posted in cat breeds tagged cat breeds pictures of cat breeds pictures of cats unusual cat breeds permalink about michael broad hi i m a 71 year old retired solicitor attorney in the us. There are however some very strange looking cat breeds out there. See more ideas about cat breeds unique cats cats.

The savannah cat is not just unique but one of the most exotic cat breeds in the world being the direct descendant of a wild cat. Mar 12 2012 explore belle morda s board beautiful and unique cat breeds on pinterest. The savannah cat first emerged in the 1980s from a cross between a domestic cat and an african serval leptailurus serval this makes them a hybrid cat and they are often considered a domestic breed being accepted as such by the tica for example.

Have you ever seen a cat with folded ears or curly hair.

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