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Uncommon Unique Cat Breeds

There are however some very strange looking cat breeds out there. 10 unique cat breeds.

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When most people think of a cat they envision pointy ears a fluffy coat and a long swirly tail.

Uncommon unique cat breeds. Have you ever seen a cat with folded ears or curly hair. These are defining characteristics of most cats but some cat breeds put a unique twist on some of these features. Where most cat breeds have upright ears the american curl s ears fold downward and give the cat a very unusual look.

So stick around and feel free to enjoy each and every one of these slides featuring some of the lesser known cat breeds in the world. Many of these exotic cats are either wild species or hybrid species resulting in unusual fur and beautifully intense eyes. These cats appeared on the doorstep of a woman in california in 1981.

Cat people this one is definitely for you. Most cats don t get walked in public so the only time we see unusual cat breeds is in the media at cat shows or occasionally at the veterinary clinic. Today the breed s most unique characteristic is still its ears which are almost lynx like with their feature long tufts of hair arcing backward.

These unusual cat breeds look equally attractive and cute like any other pretty looking cat but what makes these breeds unusual is their physicality looks and appearance that most people find interesting. Rampant crossbreeding has led to some rather unusual cat breeds that are unique in their own ways. The american curl cat is the result of a natural occurring genetic mutation among other domestic cats which resulted in curled ears.

All cats are fascinating and beautiful in. If you are looking for a cat that is not just the usual classic kitty from television or film then these breeds of cats should help you narrow down the unique cat that s perfect for you. Unique personalities mesmerizing movements and lovely long whiskers.

The savannah cat is not just unique but one of the most exotic cat breeds in the world being the direct descendant of a wild cat. The minskin is an extremely rare breed in that it is a hybrid between two other rare breeds that we often see in the world today the sphynx and the munchkin cat breeds. The savannah cat first emerged in the 1980s from a cross between a domestic cat and an african serval leptailurus serval this makes them a hybrid cat and they are often considered a domestic breed being accepted as such by the tica for example.

Dog lovers beware this slideshow might not be your cup of tea or it might be precisely what you need to change how you feel about cats. That being said the minskin is known for its hairless body which resembles that of the sphynx along with its short stature which of course comes from the munchkin breed. For the origins of this unique cat look no further than 1980s california where a fancier bred a stray longhaired cat that had unusual ears.

Every cat is unique with it s own looks and personality but when most people think of cats they think of a fairly generic looking animal.

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