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Homemade Dog Food | Easy Raw Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food-Easy Raw Dog Food

Raw pet food is well digestible and really alimental for your dog.

NOTE: In a trial to modify the raw pet food instruction I even have incorporated the employment of supplements. while not the supplements the raw pet food instruction would want a further ten to twenty ingredients. sadly, our current agricultural practices yield foods with a fraction of the nutrient content of untamed counterparts.

That said; this raw petfood instruction is deficient while not the 2 supplements that square measure essential to the recipe: Dinovite supplement and LickOchops omega carboxylic acid supplement. Feeding this raw petfood instruction while not the supplements can end in multiple biological process deficiency diseases.

Easy Raw petfood Ingredients:

  • 10 lbs. of raw beef
  • 18 hardboiled eggs together with the shells-cooled (the egg shells offer eatable Ca to your dog. Yes, studies have tested that the Ca in the eggshell is extremely absorbed.)
  • 15 cups of boiled white rice-cooled (This is created from five cups of raw rice. Use polished rice not brown as a result of it's additional simply digestible by your dog.)

1 tube of LickOchops omega carboxylic acid supplement (This provides vital omega three fatty acids in a very one to four quantitative relations, this can be good! It conjointly contains natural supply vitamin E.) Click here for this supplement.

Dinovite daily dog supplement (This provides a bunch of vitamins, minerals, organic process enzymes, metal and live direct fed microbials. Dinovite conjointly contains an alimental plant element within the “Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate” that replicates the partly digestible plant matter of herbivores. All the nice stuff!) Click here for this supplement. I take advantage of one tablespoon of Dinovite per cup of pet food or add 2-3 cups of the fine Dinovite per complete batch. within the video, I show the Dinovite Liquid however currently I take advantage of the powder as a result of Dinovite has discontinued production of the “Dinovite liquid” within the single serve packets.

Raw petfood instruction Yield: forty-eight cups of raw pet food.

This raw petfood instruction is often halved or doubled to accommodate the scale of your dog or for multi-dog households. don't feed this raw petfood instruction while not Dinovite and LickOchops dog supplements because it can cause the raw pet food instruction to be deficient.

Raw petfood instruction Directions:

terribly} very massive bowl, bucket or in your obstructed sink, crush the cooled onerous cooked eggs (and shells) into little items.

Add the cooled broiled polished rice

Add 8oz. of LickOchops omega carboxylic acid Supplement (1tube). Click here for this supplement.

Add raw beef.

Mix well and utterly together with your hands or with an oversized, strong spoon till all the ingredients square measure completely combined.

Storing your straightforward Raw Dog Food:

Place 2-3 days price of raw pet food in nothing lock baggage or plastic electric refrigerator containers. Store the containers of raw pet food in your electric refrigerator. you'll be able to conjointly build individual patties or meatballs in single daily servings, freeze the raw pet food patties on cookie sheets and take away and store in larger bags/containers once frozen. Thaw the raw pet food PRN.

I in person like the electric refrigerator containers as a result of they're straightforward to fill, thaw and serve the raw pet food. there's ne'er any mess. I take one out and let it thaw on my counter. Feed my dogs and store the unused raw pet food in my white goods. once it’s empty I wash it and it's prepared for a subsequent batch of raw pet food. It works well.

NOTE: keep in mind you're handling meat, therefore, use sense once creating, storing and serving this raw dog food. Use similar precautions you'd use once handling meat for your family.

Serving Size for your “Easy Raw Dog Food”:

*Special note: These square measure general tips, we have a tendency to aren't making an attempt to land a person on Mars. If your dog is losing a bit weight uptake the raw pet food and this can be not desired, increase the quantity you're feeding. If your dog is gaining weight on the serving size then prune a bit. In short, alter the serving size of raw pet food counting on your dog's age, weight and activity level.

  • 10 lb. dog – 1/2 cup raw pet food daily + 1/2 tsp Lickochops + 1/2 tbs Dinovite
  • 20 lb. dog – one cup raw pet food daily + one tsp Lickochops + one tbs Dinovite
  • 40 lb. dog – a pair of cups raw pet food daily + a pair of tsp Lickochops + a pair of tbs Dinovite
  • 60 lb. dog – three cups raw pet food daily + three tsp Lickochops + three tbs Dinovite
  • 80 lb. dog – three 1/2–4 cups raw pet food daily +3 1/2 tsp Lickochops + three 1/2 tbs Dinovite

*Special Note: If you add the supplements to the total batch once creating the petfood instruction it's not necessary to feature them with every serving. Use whichever methodology you discover easier.

Introducing this new “Easy Raw Dog Food”:

Fast your dog for twenty-four hours before beginning this diet. Water ought to be accessible to your dog throughout the quick. this can provide time for the previous pet food to go through your dog’s channel. it's vital to follow this procedure to limit organic process upset. this can be a vital step, ignoring this step greatly will increase your dog’s probability of getting organic process upset.
  • Day one and two: Feed some 1/4 the scale of a standard meal.
  • Day 3 and four: Feed some 1/2 the scale of a standard meal.
  • Day 5 and six: Feed some 3/4 the scale of a standard meal.
  • Day seven: Feed a full portion.

Special Note: the total method takes eight days after you embrace the twenty-four hour quick. This methodology can enable your dog’s channel time to adapt to the new raw pet food.

This methodology can enable your dog’s channel time to adapt to the new raw pet food. Please follow this introductory methodology, your dog is fine. Your dog won't starve or hate you. fast diet changes will cause puking and diarrhea. A terrible mess everywhere your house!

***Important Note: don't combine kibble and also the raw pet food together! Doing, therefore, can GREATLY increase the probabilities of organic process upset for your dog!

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