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The one thing we must do in the garden to help birds get through the heatwave

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Our favourite garden birds could be left struggling in the heat

While we enjoy the rising temperatures, some of our much-loved garden birds such as robins, blue tits and blackbirds could be left struggling as the heat dries up their natural water sources.

The RSPB is asking people across the country to help birds during the hot conditions by leaving out a supply of fresh, cool water in their gardens or outdoor space. Whether you have a bird bath or simply a shallow dish you can place in the garden, topping up a water dish each day will give the birds a place they can come to hydrate.

As well providing them with drinking water, it will offer birds a place they can bathe and cool off. The sweltering temperatures (and lack of rain) could leave many gardens without water resources, meaning birds will be desperately searching for alternatives. 

"While we sit back and relax in the outside with an ice-cold drink, generally revelling in unusually sunny weather, our garden birds might not be having such a good time," Charlotte Ambrose, RSPB Wildlife Advisor explains.

"The hot weather could be causing natural water sources to dry up, meaning our favourite garden birds like robins, blue tits and blackbirds could be left without anything to drink."

Unlike other mammals, birds don't have sweat glands but still lose a lot of water through respiration.

"Turning your outside space into a home for nature by doing simple things like topping up your birdbath, creating a make-shift pond from a washing-up bowl or putting down a saucer filled with water could offer a vital lifeline to some of our much-loved garden birds that are already fighting against declines," Charlotte continues.

Additionally, if you have a bird feeder, try to keep it topped up with fresh seeds to give birds the energy they need to survive the heatwave. During summer months, the parent birds are raising their little fledglings and need to find extra food to help them survive and grow.

Source countryliving.com
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