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African Savanna Temperature Graph

The koppen climate group it is a part of is. The a stands for a tropical climate while the w is for the dry season during the long winter months.

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In a savanna the temperature does not change a lot.

African savanna temperature graph. Temperatures range from 20 c to 25 c in the winter and from 25 c to 30 c in the rainy summer. The average annual temperature in dar es salaam is 25 9 c 78 6 f. Rainy season summer months.

The climate here is tropical. The temperature in the savanna doens t change much. Average annual temperature the african savanna has a relatively moderate temperature with it not going over 86 f and not going under 68 f.

The temperatrue changes very gradually in the savanna and the changes are not large. These are known as the wet and the dry season. During these seasons which in west africa starts in may the soil is replenished and all rivers will flow freely.

The african savanna has a wet dry climate. Many plants tend to shrivel up and die during the winter which is a real problem to the africans that depend on farm grown crops. The tropical savanna has two seasons.

During the winter which can pretty much be classified as the dry season the temperature will range from about 68 f 78 f or 20 c 25 c. About 1089 mm 42 9 inch of precipitation falls annually. The savanna climate has a temperature range of 68 to 86 f 20 30 c.

In the summer the temperature ranges from 78 to 86 f 25 30 c. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall while the winters have very little. In the winter it is usually about 68 to 78 f 20 25 c.

It s is distinctly dry during the winter season while the summer is moist and rainy. The köppen geiger climate classification is aw.

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