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Cat Breeds With Small Ears

Known for being a warm attentive cat its ear fold gene increases risk for disease. They are the only cats that have this unusual ears because of a mutation.

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The devon rex is also sometimes referred to as a pixie cat so it s no surprise that this breed is on the list of small cat breeds.

Cat breeds with small ears. Big cats like the lion and tiger have proportionately smaller ears than many domestic cats even if they are obviously much larger animals. Depending on the breed folded ears can have multiple causes. Instead of pointing forward as a normal cat s ears do when they are relaxed the tips of the curl s ears point backward in a gentle arc.

However there are wild cats with smaller ears as well they may just be in a different proportion. They have folded ears simply because it is. An official breed since 1981 the american curl features small ears in a new shape that resulted from a mutation.

All scottish fold cats can trace their lineage back to susie the first cat known to have folded ears. The rest of the cats don t have this kind of problems and. These playful and sociable cats love the company of humans so they won t enjoy being left home alone all day.

However this only applies to the scottish fold breed. When full grown the devon rex maintains a compact weight of just 6 to 9 pounds. The small rounded ears also feature tufts like that of a lynx.

These sweet cats have distinctive folded ears that give the breed their name. Cat breeds with small ears are often thought to be different from their wild cat ancestors. The breed s triangular head large ears and bright eyes give these cats a kitten like appearance throughout their life.

The scottish fold cat breed has small ears that are folded forward. The first one would be the genetic health problems.

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