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Number of species as suggested by egg laying mammal facts only five species of monotremes are extant one of which is duck billed platypus and remaining four belong to the echidna family. There are only five surviving monotreme species and all can be found in either australia or new guinea.

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Both species are found in new guinea australia and tasmania.

Egg laying mammals list. The vast majority of mammals give birth to live young. Although they are classified as mammals they exhibit characteristics common with non mammalian animals. Some of which will be quite surprising oviparous animals.

Pouched mammals metatherians or marsupials and placental mammals eutherians for which see list of placental mammals. There are only two known species of egg laying mammals on the planet. The class mammalia is divided into two subclasses based on reproductive techniques.

But here is a complete list of animals which lay eggs. All the members of the egg laying mammals list share some basic characteristics with one another. Monotremes are egg laying mammals.

Monotremes mammals that lay eggs. When it comes on to egg laying mammals there are only 3 types. Birds flight and flightless birds lays eggs such as the dodo ostrich and penguin.

These are the platypus and four species of echidna or spiny anteater. Egg laying mammals yinotherians or monotremes see also australosphenida and mammals which give live birth the latter subclass is divided into two infraclasses. The duck billed platypus and the spiny anteater also known as the echidna.

The only mammals that lay eggs are known as monotremes.

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