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Jack Russell Cairn Terrier Chihuahua Mix

The designer breed is a new trend in the world that is started some years back. The chihuahua terrier mix is a cross of a terrier breed and a chihuahua also known as jack chi or jack russell chihuahua mix.

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It is intelligent and doesn t require much time for training.

Jack russell cairn terrier chihuahua mix. The mix breed of the cairn and jack russell terrier is a bit rusty in color. This is a nice and playful dog which may become hyper at times. The mom is usually a jack russell terrier as the smaller chihuahua wouldn t be able to deliver the bigger offspring.

These crosses are produced by breeding a cairn terrier with other purebreds including the chihuahua yorkshire terrier poodle dachshund jack russell terrier schnauzer maltese and corgi. Cairn jack russell terrier. Jack chi is a designer dog breed that is the outcome of the jack russell terrier and the chihuahua mix.

It s a small dog breed at about 10 to 25 inches tall weighing between 6 to 25 pounds. Aside from the popular mixes mentioned above the cairn. Jack the jacairn jack russell cairn terrier mix full grown jack is a wonderful fun loving dog he is not aggressive and gets along well with every dog and person he meets.

He just had his stitches removed today. Jack russel terriers originally bred to hunt fox are high energy dogs that need lots of exercise. This is a first generation or f1 mix which means that the puppies are usually a product of two purebred parents.

The jack russell chihuahua mix otherwise known as the jack chi is another mix of the tiny chi with a hunting dog. The designer breed trend started from the united states so it is also believed that jack chi was originated in the united states. He loves to play and is sometimes difficult to discipline because in the middle of scolding he will wag his tail and try to play with you.

We just adopted a 2 year old so sweet dog who is a chihuahua and i m sure jack russell terrier mix as he jumps straight up. We adopted him from the mitchell mill animal hospital rescue in raleigh nc. He had to have one eye removed as it had glaucoma and bulbous and blue.

The jack chi is a cross between a purebred chihuahua and jack russell terrier. Their ears either erect like that of the chihuahua or with a curl over like the terrier parent this dog typically has a long nose like its jack parent and so is the. They can be long haired or short haired.

However a few of them are also black in color. Cairn terrier mixes are characterized by a courageous and tenacious nature besides being a sensible friendly and intelligent family companion. It enjoys different physical activities and likes to run around.

Jack russell cairn terrier mix jack russell cairn terrier mix how to jack russell cairn terrier mix for we are also the area s only licensed dog and baby safety specialist with family paws parent education we help expecting and new parents with pets navigate this life change to minimise stress and increase success. The breed jack chi has been produced by crossing between the jack russell terrier and the chihuahua they are small to medium sized dogs with a dense coat short neck elongated muscular body large eyes and a triangular head.

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