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Toy Pom Price in India and How to Take Care of It


toy pom price in india

Toy pom price in India is around Rs.3000 and even Rs. 75.000. It depends on the quality of the puppies. Despite the price, you also need to know how to take care of a toy pom in India. It helps you to give them a good atmosphere to grow healthy. The following information will guide you to take care of Toy Pom in India.

Train This Dog Regularly

The way you train a Toy Pom determines its personality when they grow older. That’s why to train your Pom immediately, especially if you buy a puppy. The best part is that Toy Pom is easy to train. They are considered smart and quick learners. The drawback is that they may not want to listen to your command due to its intelligence. This puppy is perfect for a patient owner who can train them regularly. You can’t expect this puppy to follow your command in the first training session. You would better not force them because they can be developing a bad habit. Without proper training, your Pom can destroy your house.

Feed It with High-Quality Dog Food

Ensure that you feed your Toy Pom with a portion of high-quality dog food. The quality of the food determines their condition. It is also the reason why Toy Pom’s price is a bit expensive. Food has an important role in Pom’s overall growth. So, how to take care of Toy Pom in India? First, ensure that the food contains protein, such as chicken and meat, or dairy products. Second, it will be better to choose a food with a complete and balanced phrase. Third, check the food packaging. Ensure that the manufacturer packs the food with an FDA- or AAFCO approved. Fourth, be selective in choosing its food, especially if your Pom is allergic. Due to the treatment, Toy Pom price in India is a bit expensive.     

Ensure that They Drink Properly

Besides preparing high-quality food, you have to ensure that your Pom drinks enough water. It doesn’t matter if you can’t give the water to the dog. The most important thing is that you should give your dog easy access to fresh and clean water every day. A Toy Pom often needs at least ½ to 1-ounce water per pound. Dehydration is dangerous for this dog. This condition can lead them to die.

Groom Your Pom

Remember! A Toy Pom has a thick coat. That’s why you should groom this dog regularly. You would better bring them to the professional groomer at least three times a week. At the same time, you have to brush their coat regularly. Bringing them to the groomer is not only good for their hair but also nails, ears, and all parts of their bodies. As a result, your Toy Pom will always look beautiful and is ready to show to friends.

Now, you know the reason why Toy Pom price in India is expensive. That’s why you should know how to take care of a Toy Pom to keep them growing well in your living area. 


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