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Everything Pomeranian—Puppy Price, Breed Information, and Many More


mini pomeranian price

If you love small and cute dogs, Mini Pomeranian can be your new best friend. The best thing about Mini Pom is it is easy to take care of them thanks to their small size. But it is also due to their small size, Mini Pomeranian price can be very expensive. Before you decide to make your house a forever home for a Mini Pomeranian, here is some information you need to know about this breed.

How Much Does Pom Puppy Cost?

Mini Pomeranian price can range from $500 up to $4,500. The price depends on many factors, for instance, the reputation of the breeder, the color of the dog, the size, and whether the dog is purebred or not. Since this dog is loved because of its tiny size, the smaller the dog is, the more expensive it gets. 

General Temperament

Now that you know about the Mini Pomeranian price, it is time to dig deeper into its temperament. 

Don’t be fooled by its tiny body because this dog breed has a larger-than-life personality. It is playful and has a lot of energy. Mini Pomeranian is a social dog that loves company. Consequently, if you have a Mini Pom, you must be ready to accompany them all the time. This dog is prone to separation anxiety, so don’t leave them alone for too long.

Despite their size, Mini Pomeranians have good stamina and endurance. They love running around, especially when the owner is playing with them. Once they have let their energy out, they will become a very calm and obedient lapdog. 


Like a standard size Pomeranian, mini Pom comes in many fascinating colors, such as white, orange, black, and shades of brown. Most have only one color, but it is common to find a Pom with two colors, especially if they are mix-breed. 

Mini Pomeranian weighs around 3 to 7 pounds. Bigger than that, they are considered standard-sized Pomeranian. Pomeranian is a double-coated dog that requires regular grooming.

Health Condition

Unfortunately, Pomeranian is not supposed to be this small. Mini Pomeranians are bred that way because the demand for a smaller version of the regular Pom is very high. As a result, this breed is prone to several diseases, such as heart problems and dislocated patella. One of the best ways to keep you away from the pain of seeing your dog gets sick is by getting your dog from a reputable breeder. Breeder with a good reputation will provide a health certificate that will ensure the dog is in good health condition.

Remember that the tinier the dog is, the more vulnerable it will be. As a very small dog, Pomeranian can be prone to injuries, especially since they don’t know how small they are. You need to be careful with your movement and get them away from things that can be dangerous to them. Even though Mini Pomeranian price can be expensive, bringing a Mini Pom puppy home will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

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