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Advantages and Disadvantage of Owning a Pocket Dog


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Pocket dogs or teacup dogs are a particular type of dog created to make the smallest dog possible. They are called pocket dogs because they can fit in a pocket (theoretically anyway). Pocket dogs come in various different breeds. Six of the most popular breeds include the Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Poodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Yorkie. 

Pocket dog prices varied between breeds. The rarer the breed is, the more expensive it gets. Nonetheless, pocket dogs are one of the most sought-after dog types. Despite this, not many people know about the advantages and disadvantages of pocket dogs.


Let's talk about the advantages of pocket dogs first.

a.     Small living space

One of the advantages of a pocket dog comes from its size. Pocket dogs commonly weigh only less than 4kg. When fully grown, its size measured at only 17 inches. Due to their size, pocket dogs can live in a small living space. So, if you live in a small apartment in the city, a pocket dog could be your best pet choice.

b.     Minimum costs for food

Other than pocket dog price, one of the concerning factors about owning a dog is the cost of the food. Pocket dogs don't require a large food intake to survive. The monthly food cost for the normal-sized dog could go between $20 to $60. If you own a pocket dog, you will possibly spend less than that amount per month.

c.     Minimum exercise

Pocket dog price in India varies. However, there is one thing in common with pocket dogs. Small dogs like pocket dogs don't require a lot of physical exercises. So, if you're a typical dog owner who doesn't really like walking your dog, a pocket dog is very suitable for you.


Unfortunately, owning a pocket dog has its own disadvantages too.

a.             Prone to health problems

Due to its breeding method, pocket dogs are very prone to various health problems. Some of the most common health issues suffered by pocket dogs include urinary tract infection, heart defects, collapsing trachea, seizures, digestive issues, and blindness. So, other than puppy pocket dog price, you should be concerned about this too.

b.     High risk for death

Pocket dog size comes with several consequences. First, it is easy for a pocket dog to get tripped over. Other than that, pocket dogs are prone to predator attacks like coyotes and hawks. Light physical trauma due to injury could easily kill the dog. It is advised to be gentle when playing with a pocket dog. It is also suggested to separate your pocket dog from your other pets.

c.     Expensive medical bill

Due to its proneness to various illnesses, a pocket dog will likely spend a lot of time in a vet. Other than pocket dog prices, you should be concerned about the dog's medical bills too. The average visit to a vet could go as high as $400 for normal dogs. Pocket dogs will require much more than that to deal with their health problems. 

Make sure that you understand and prepare to face the consequences of owning a pocket dog. Other than the pocket dog price in India, there is a lot of money that must be spent on a pocket dog.

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