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Teacup Puppy Price in India and Other Things That You Should Know


tea cup puppy price in india

For most people, the teacup dog is one of the best mini dogs that exist. Due to its size, a teacup dog will retain its puppy cuteness even until fully grown. Teacup dogs can be found in various breeds. Commonly, teacup dogs include Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Poodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Yorkie. However, it is possible to create another teacup dog based on other dog breeds. 

In this article, we will take a look into the teacup puppy price in India.  Also, we will provide some unique facts that you should know. Some of this will be very important if you're planning to get a teacup dog. So, without further ado, these are some facts about teacup dogs.

Toy breed

Toy dog breed refers to a grouping of very tiny dogs. Breeders usually breed a specific dog size, called runt, to purposefully create a dog breed that possesses a stunted body. Teacup dogs are also considered micro-dogs. Most adult teacup dogs only weigh less than 7kg. When they are fully grown, they can only grow to 40 cm long at maximum. 

Very expensive to buy

Don't get your hopes too high when looking for a cheap teacup puppy. At minimum, teacup puppy prices in India could go as high as $750. Considering the size, this is a lot of money to spend on a dog. The high price is generally influenced by the difficulties when breeding the dog. Moreover, the high price is also influenced by the rarity of certain teacup breeds.

Expensive to own

For most people, the teacup puppy price is costly. Other than being expensive to buy, a teacup dog can also be very expensive to own. This is due to the various treatments that the dog should have. Other than that, healthcare costs should also be considered when getting a teacup dog. Most teacups possess a high risk for various health issues.

Fast metabolism

Due to their size, teacup dogs are known for their fast metabolism. This means that a teacup dog will require a lot of food to keep them running. A teacup dog needs at least 5 meals a day. Otherwise, they'll suffer from low blood sugar and other health issues. So, other than the high teacup puppy price, it is also expensive to feed them.

Difficult to train and socialize

Most people find struggling difficulties when training a teacup. In most cases, most people find it challenging to condition a teacup dog to pee in a proper place. This is due to the fast metabolism that the dog has. This makes teacup dogs pee a lot more than normal dogs. Other than that, it is also challenging to socialize a teacup dog with large dog breeds. The reason is that bigger dogs are more dismissive of the smaller teacup dogs.

If you can’t buy them, adopt 

Due to the high teacup puppy price in India, it is understandable that most people can’t afford to buy the dog. However, you can always find a teacup dog in dog sanctuaries or shelters. Adopting and taking care of a teacup puppy is the most responsible way of getting one.

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