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Like the russian blue the siberian cat has a name suggesting it originated from russia. She may be a good choice for pet parents with allergies because she doesn t shed much and produces lower levels of the glycoprotein fel d 1 a known allergen than other cat breeds.

Blue Russian Cats Kediler Ve Yavrulari Mavi Kediler Guzel Kediler

In fact these blue cats do resemble the russian longhair cats that were popular in the late 1800 s.

Cat breeds blue russian. The russian blue comes in one color. Finally the governing council of the cat fancy gccf acknowledged the breed and in 1912 the russian blue was granted a class of its own. The russian blue is robust marked by strong sinews a velvety fur and fine outlines.

The broad wedge of the head and its flat skull are often described as cobra like although that is much too dangerous a description for this sweet natured cat. Russian blues were first exhibited in 1875 and were imported to the united states in the early 20th century. It s said the russian blue cat was a favorite of russian czars of the past and today s breed is a descendant of those long ago royal cats.

Russi̇an blue cat breed trai̇ts this breed s most distinctive characteristic its stunning double coat is silky plush and so dense it stands out from the physique. Russian blue physical appearance. With her triangular shaped head the russian blue is a long and slender cat.

Like many other blue cat breeds the hairs are silver tipped at the ends. You may actually draw photos within the fur along with your fingers and the patterns will stay till you clean them over or till your feline buddy tires of the sport and walks off. The cat breed originated from the forested area of siberia notorious for its cold climate leading to the feline developing a long thick and protective coat.

My breed is still enjoying a steady rise in popularity these days and has even become the. The russian blue is a unique breed for its character and appearance and the resemblance to the orientals. The cat fanciers association breed standard for the russian blue calls for him to have a head that is a smooth medium size wedge shape with a blunt muzzle.

This breed stands out with its steel grey coat and distinctive green eyes. The breed then made progress until world war ii when it almost became extinct as did many other breeds. The russian blue arrived in america in the early 1900s but it was not until 1947 that serious.

The russian blue cat appears to be larger than she is because of her extremely dense soft double coat. And in his spare time he managed to produce 21 kittens that went on to become national winners grand champions and even distinguished merit award recipients particularly nw velva s blue viking who was always in the best cat shortlist in the 1970 s. This breed is closely related to 3 other cat breeds namely the british blue or the british shorthair the french chartreux and thailand korat because they share the same hue and have short hair but the similarity ends there each of the aforementioned blue breeds have their own fun.

Considered a longhair breed the nebelung has a medium length coat that is always blue in color.

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