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This German Shepherd Has Gone Completely Viral For Setting Off a Security Camera

German Sheperd,
German Sheperd

Joe Corsi's dog, Sasha the German Shepherd, may not understand what it means to be a viral sensation, but she is one, without question. The adorable dog found herself the unintentional target of Joe's home security camera after she set off its motion detector. Rather than keeping itself facing the front yard, the camera swivels around until all that's seen on the recording is Sasha's face staring confusingly into it, resulting in an unexpectedly hilarious video.

"When your security cameras pick up motion, you watch the live feed to see what's going on," Joe captioned the video on the German Shepherd Owners Facebook page on July 4. "Then what happens next is . . . " Watch the adorable video above!

Source popsugar.com
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