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Cat Breeds Large Ears

Subscribe to catster magazine subscribe to our magazine. From the abyssinian to the sphynx here are 10 adorable cat breeds with rather large ears.

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But balinese cats have a longer coat and plumed tail.

Cat breeds large ears. Abyssinian the abyssinian cat big ear cat is just one the popular cat breeds in the usa along with a complete adorable cat. Who doesn t love those cats with big ears. The smallest breed of domestic cat these micro sized felines are known for both their over sized ears and large eyes.

Boasting an always alert appearance thanks to their large forward tilting ears these cats are striking with their lean bodies and beautifully ticked coats. They have a beautiful ticked coat that is typically a few variations of brown and they rarely get bigger than 8 pounds. Check out these cat breeds with big ears right here.

Pacific tail s most adorable cats breeds with big ears. The abyssinian is a large and playful cat breed with big ears. Even though the origins of this strain appear to lead back to britain their resemblance into the paintings and sculptures of ancient egyptian cats leads to some.

Compared to the fluffy tails cushy paw pads and cute noses a cat s ears are a relatively unsung hero but you ll quickly notice how charming they are. But balinese cats have a longer coat and plumed tail. When it comes to cuteness much is said about cat eyes or their soft fluffy bodies.

They aren t only cute to look at but i think you will agree the above breeds take the prize for being exceptional felines. Love a cat with oversized ears. Gotta love those cats with big ears.

This breed is highly social and fun loving and some even describe it as dog like. Cats with big ears. But there s also another reason why cats look so adorable their ears.

Customer service for subscribers. The devon rex s enormous ears lend to its elfin look and impish expression. Balinese cats look quite similar to siamese cat breeds because they also have almond shaped eyes and large triangular ears.

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