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Shih Tzu Toy Poodle Chihuahua Mix

The shih tzu poodle mix lifespan is around 10 to 15 years. Shih poos are a mix between a shih tzu and a toy poodle and they can also be referred to as a shoodle or a pooshi poodles are one of the most common dogs to breed with due to their friendly behavior and low shedding coats.

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As a cross between a shih tzu and a toy or miniature poodle shih tzu poodle mix dogs also known as a shihpoo are some of the cutest little creatures.

Shih tzu toy poodle chihuahua mix. The shih tzu is considered to be a toy breed and the chihuahua is the world s smallest dog. Known by most enthusiasts as the shih poo the shih tzu cross poodle blends incredible intelligence and showmanship with friendliness and courage. Opting to adopt or rescue a dog is a noble act.

They are very loving friendly and obedient. It s a small dog at about 10 inches tall and 5 to 16 pounds weight. Shihpoos are fun loving and energetic and have such a zest for life.

So how big will a shih tzu chihuahua mix get. Shih tzu chihuahua mix rescue and adoption. They usually have long wavy coats but can also take after the poodle s curly coat.

You can try checking out your local dog shelter or humane societies for shichis or contact chihuahua and shih tzu shelters to see if they have a shih tzu chihuahua mix. Their offspring too is rather small in size measuring between 7 to 10 inches in height and weighing about 3 to 9 lbs. Coat color is another fun mix a shichi can.

Inheriting the traits from both sides the shihpoos can come in a wide variety of types of coats from shorter and curly to longer and straight as well as a multitude of colors and color patterns. And although the purebred poodle can come in three different sizes it is likely you will see the shih tzu cross toy poodle over most others. The shih tzu poodle mix is a cross of a purebred shih tzu and a purebred poodle also known as shih poo or shoodle its a small dog breed at about 8 to 18 inches weighing between 8 to 18 pounds.

This mix has a petite built but it comes with an attractive personality. They have a sturdy body with an alert and cute look also inherited from the parent breeds. They are the kind of dogs you definitely want to adopt into your household to bring about life and energy.

If both parents have long hair shih tzu and a long haired chihuahua then the shichi could likely end up with long hair. Shih tzu chihuahua mix is a cross of shih tzu and chihuahua also known as shi chi or chi tzu. Shih poo shih tzu poodle the shih tzu and poodle mix is a lovely mix of two gorgeous dog breeds the shih tzu and the miniature poodle.

Adopting an older dog is also great if you don t have the time to train a puppy. Shi chi puppies usually cost around 500 to 1000. Shih tzu toy poodle mix.

The shih tzu poodle mix. The dog obtained through the crossing of the toy poodle and the shih tzu breeds is called a shihpoo. Ears are another feature that is dependent on the parent breed.

The life expectancy of this crossbreed is 12 to 15 years. Shichi s could have either floppy ears from the shih tzu side or ears that stick straight up like the chihuahua.

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