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Apple Shaped Head Chihuahua

He has a shorter muzzle with a 90 degree angle between the muzzle and the skull or an l shape as it is also described. A beautiful cream apple head chihuahua.

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Here are some of the characteristics of an apple head chihuahua.

Apple shaped head chihuahua. An apple head chihuahua often has a rather disproportionately large domed skull with a similarly high forehead in comparison with the size of their body with the rest of their bodies being delicate and petite including their small muzzle and fine bones. What s an apple head chihuahua. The apple head chihuahua is the only type recognized in dog shows and by the american kennel club.

The apple head chihuahua is also more susceptible to dental issues and ocular issues including eye injury and eye infection due to his skull shape and protruding eyes. The apple head chihuahua is named after its apple shaped head which is noted in the breed s standards. So do you have a deer head or an apple head chihuahua.

It is the type most commonly found. The apple head chihuahua has a head shape like an apple. The american kennel club akc states that the breed standard requirement is an apple dome shaped head.

The apple head chihuahua is known for having a round apple shaped head and a definite stop whereas a deer head chihuahua may have a flatter head thinner skull but is unlikely to have a stop and will probably have a much longer nose. It s a feature that the american kennel club refers to as an apple dome this shape of the head is also considered the chihuahua breed standard per akc guidelines. This is because the apple head shape is the actual authentic head formation of the chihuahua breed.

The different chihuahua head shapes. Mar 22 2016 explore holly holley kerley s board apple head chihuahua followed by 138 people on pinterest. Exercise and training needs of an apple head chihuahua.

See more ideas about chihuahua chihuahua puppies apple head chihuahua. Apple head chihuahuas can have a smooth coat or a long coat in any number of colors or color combinations. My kilo was an apple head.

I can see the signs of aging but he is still in a good shape for his age. He is my 15and half year old senior furbaby. Lucas is a deer head and lucy is an applehead.

An apple head chihuahua is defined as having a round skull top which gives him a prominent forehead. The apple shaped head is the most popular chihuahua because he is currently the only head shape that is recognized by the akc breed standards described as a well rounded apple dome skull. Their physical body shape is largely the same.

All apple head chihuahuas have a large head in relation to the size of their body and it s the only dog breed born with a soft spot on their skull like a human baby known as a. He is always very calm not much barking and very obedient.

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