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Despite its funny looks it is a soft hearted dog who knows its owner and is always ready to greet you with a warm hug or perhaps even cuddle up close and snuggle with you. Because of the incredible size difference with chihuahuas being teeny tiny and great danes being incredibly large and tall creatures it simply isn t the best fit for either of the dogs.

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Today let s shift our focus to the mix between the great dane and the chihuahua also called the great mexican dog or chi dane dane.

Chihuahua and great dane mix. The head is large and shaped like a greyhound. The chihuahua great dane mix is a designer dog breed resulting from cross breeding between the chihuahua and great dane. The great dane chihuahua mix turns out to be quite the loving and friendly dog like its parent breed because of its great dane heritage.

But crossing a great dane and a chihuahua sounds like an outlandish idea and it is. A chihuahua and a great dane have procreated previously but it is a very problematic situation and it all boils down to size. It is one of the most awkward and unusual mixed breeds.

These dogs are long with short legs and almost resemble a dachshund. It comes as no surprise therefore to want the best of both worlds. The offspring created by artificially inseminating a great dane with a chihuahua are few and far between but the result is a dog smaller than the great dane and about twice the size of a standard chihuahua.

The massive size difference between the two breeds raises issues from a practical perspective and also in terms of animal welfare so the great dane chihuahua mix is simply not feasible. Basically a great dane is a hugely friendly and noble dog. If you are a fantasy lover and searching for a unique designer dog this breed is for you.

A chihuahua on the other hand is tiny sweet and cuddly.

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