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Egyptian Cat Breeds Hairless

The contemporary breed of sphynx cat also known as the canadian sphynx is distinct from the russian hairless cat breeds like peterbald and donskoy. Hairless animal fell asleep on a knitted white bedspread.

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They are called hairless cats or egyptian cats.

Egyptian cat breeds hairless. History of the cat breed. List of breeds of egyptian cats 1 abyssinian. Although the great evolution of the egyptian cat breeds was in the 50s its breeding began 3000 years ago so it can be seen in egyptian cave paintings.

As far as the egyptian cat is concerned there are no average terms and its appearance raises passions or causes storms. Origin of the egyptian cat breeds. Egyptian cat the ancient pharaoh breed sphynx or the egyptian cat god.

Although hairless cats have been reported throughout history breeders in europe have been developing the sphynx breed since the early 1960s. An unusual feature of the egyptian hairless cat is that it sweats. Picture taken in the studio on a dark sphynx cat is sleeping.

In the photo cat breed sphynx. Despite its name the egyptian cat does not originate from egypt. Its name comes from culture and mythology but the truth is that this animal first appeared in canada and within its recent history.

In catsfud we explain everything about the egyptian cat breed. In ancient egypt these whiskers were already kept as domestic cats to keep grain stocks free of mice.

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