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Fox Terrier Chihuahua Full Grown Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

The jack chi is a mixed breed dog a cross between the jack russell terrier and chihuahua dog breeds. With a nickname like rat chas you can probably guess what this breed is good for hunting and killing rats.

Facts About The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Chihuahua Mix Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Chihuahua Mix Puppies

More recently the toy fox terrier was first registered in 2003 and it s the chihuahua and toy fox terrier mix which has gained popularity as taco terriers.

Fox terrier chihuahua full grown jack russell chihuahua mix. A character full of devotion energy and charm this hybrid dog has won the hearts of many. The forelegs of the jack chi are similar to a jack terrier s while the hind legs are firm and strong. They can be long haired or short haired.

The mom is usually a jack russell terrier as the smaller chihuahua wouldn t be able to deliver the bigger offspring. They can grow up to about 15 inches 38 cm tall. The rat terrier is considered the all american working class dog.

They re friendly social and eager to please making them trainable dogs and good with kids. A typical fully grown jack chi weighs between 6 8 pounds the puppies weigh around 2 to 2 5 pounds. Because of their small size about 12 18 inches 30 45 cm the rat terrier chihuahua mix can live.

Not a pure bred dog the jack chi or sometimes known as the jackahuahua is a designer cross breed of a jack russell terrier and a chihuahua. Jack russell chihuahua mix also referred to as a jack chi. Fox terrier chihuahua mix temperament fox terriers love to be part of a family and like chihuahuas the toy fox terrier tends to attach itself devotedly to one special person.

The jack chi is a cross between a purebred chihuahua and jack russell terrier. This is a designer breed that is known for its mild temperament and super active lifestyle. Friendly playful and energetic these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both.

When caring for chihuahua terrier mixes you should help them be as healthy as possible so they can grow as old as 13 to 18 years of age. This is a first generation or f1 mix which means that the puppies are usually a product of two purebred parents. Jack russel terriers originally bred to hunt fox are high energy dogs that need lots of exercise.

If you could picture a tiny terrier with the head of a chihuahua then you have an idea what a jack russell chihuahua mix would look like. The jackchi s body takes after the terrier gene it has a lean and strong body which gives it excellent stamina. Standing no taller than 15 in height a jack russell chihuahua mix is particularly deceptive.

Chihuahua jack russell terrier mix the jack chi is a small sized dog that s usually a little bigger than a chihuahua and a bit smaller than a jack russell. The average life expectancy of a chihuahua terrier mix is 15 years. The jack russell chihuahua mix otherwise known as the jack chi is another mix of the tiny chi with a hunting dog.

They can live as long as 18 years.

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