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Live Young Mammals

Most mammals give birth to live young but a few the monotremes lay eggs. Feeding with black soldier fly larvae can provide these essential nutrients.

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This detail is often either unknown or overlooked when speaking about mammals.

Live young mammals. Mammals are divided into three groups differentiated by their breeding habits. In addition they lay eggs rather than bearing live young but like all mammals the female monotremes nurse their young with milk. The hair or fair on the skin of a mammal acts as a protective shield for the skin.

Giving birth to live young is a possible characteristic of being mammal but does not define being mammalian. In the placental mammals which have a placenta to facilitate nutrient and waste exchange between the mother and the developing fetus the young are carried within the mother s womb reaching a relatively advanced stage of. These are the only mammals that lay soft shelled eggs which hatch after a short incubation period.

Mammals that lay eggs are called monotremes. All mammals give birth to live young with the exception of the monotremes which includes the duck billed platypus and the 7 species of spiny anteater or echidna. Young mammals are prone to calcium and vitamin deficiencies.

Some marsupials include the kangaroo the koala and the opossum. Examples of these are humans dogs elephants cats etc. Live birth also occurs in some non mammalian species such as guppies and hammerhead sharks.

Mammals have hair or fur on their skin. Live young most mammals give birth to live young instead of laying eggs like birds or reptiles. Mammals that give birth to live young are called placental mammals.

Marsupials marsupials are special types of mammals that carry their young in a pouch. Being a mammal is defined by the production of nutritional milk for their young. Except for the monotremes an egg laying order of mammals comprising echidnas and the duck billed platypus all mammals are viviparous they bear live young.

Bsf larvae are the only live feeder with an almost ideal calcium to phosphorous ratio of 1 75 to 1 2 to 1 ratio is ideal which is vital for the growth and development of young mammals. Examples of monotremes are platypus and echidna. The monotremes are typified by structural differences in their brains jaws digestive tract reproductive tract and other body parts compared to the more common mammalian types.

Thus it is not a. These mammals are called placental mammals.

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