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White Deer Head Chihuahua Mix

Learn more about this breed here. The deer head chihuahua isn t a different breed the deer head chihuahua is a kind of chihuahua.

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They have a prominent 90 degree angle where the forehead meets the muzzle.

White deer head chihuahua mix. Is the terrier a fox terrier. Deer head chihuahua lifespan can vary because of the chances of health troubles. The deer head chihuahua has a muzzle which is longer than an apple head.

Many people regard the jack chi as the best for families. Both the apple head and deer head chihuahuas are popular mixes and fortunately for you most of these mixed breed pups inherent all the sass from their purebred cousins. He is actually a quiet chiweenie not a yapper at all which is very rare.

They have a relatively long snout that meets their skull at a 45 degree angle. They head chihuahua can be quite bossy when they want. Their snout is also shaped differently as it stop is less prominent.

This type has a taller body and longer legs. This type of chihuahua breed has a longer nose the eyes are further appart and it has a flattened skull. While the deer head chihuahua isn t recognized by the akc it s still the very same breed as the apple head.

They are known for being. Typically the deer head chihuahua is larger than apple head chis which tend to stay below 6 pounds in weight. Deer head chihuahuas mixed with jack russell are highly sought after.

There are some mixes we ve left off this list but these are some of the most popular pups mixed with the chihuahua that you ll come across. Look at the parents to get a better idea of what your mix will look like. Are they smooth coated or wire coated.

The deer head chihuahua is seen as a distinct chihuahua breed due to the fact that it looks like a pony version of a deer. The deer head chihuahua. On the other hand apple head chihuahuas have rounded apple shaped heads.

Hi andy i have an extremely wonderful short hair brown 1 yr old 13 pound neutered male chiweenie deer head one so cute i adopted him 4 months ago. Is the parent a deer head or apple head chihuahua. A yorkshire terrier parent may provide a black chihuahua terrier mix.

This hybrid breed is arguably the most popular of the terrier chi mixes. It s quite distinct from the apple head variety which has a round domed head and a snout that meets the skull at a perfect 90 degree angle. The deer head chihuahua is a popular breed of dog because of its size and personality.

It also larger ears which like the in the apple head are erect and upright. A deer head chihuahua has as you may have guessed a head shape similar to that of a deer or hound. Deer head chihuahua jack russell mix.

Instead of a 90 degree angle it has a 45 degree slope where the muzzle meets the forehead. A jack russell parent may provide white and tan coloring. Long or short coated.

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