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Afghan hound temperament the afghan hound temperament is often described as aloof and regal. Afghan hound information the afghan is built along greyhound like lines enabling it to execute a double suspension gallop and run down fleet game.

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The comparatively short back and steep pelvis helped it to leap great heights and to turn almost in place essential attributes for coursing in rocky mountainous terrain.

Afghan hound temperament. They need regular access to a large fenced area fenced because these dogs are chasing addicts with sharp eyesight for movement. It has a heavy coat and is generally between 25 27 inches high and weighs 50 60 pounds on average. It s just that in order to see the afghan s silly playful side it usually takes owning an afghan for yourself.

However these dogs can also be quite playful. The former tends to have a lanky build with relatively thin light colored coat while the latter is characterized by their bulkier body and darker thicker coat. Afghan hounds don t need miles of running but they can t get by with a small yard and leashed walks around the block.

Afghan hound temperament in many ways the afghan hound epitomizes the sighthound temperament. This gorgeous breed owes its origins to the rocky terrain of afghanistan. The male afghan hound stands about 27 inches tall the female about 25 inches.

The afghan has a regal appearance owing to its proud carriage and long silky coat. They are very independent dogs. If something catches their attention on the horizon they will take off and not come back.

Afghans generally weigh between 50 and 60 pounds 23 to 27 kilograms. Their role as hunters required them to work and think for themselves without human interference. The regal afghan hound is aristocratic in appearance.

Afghan hounds are instantly recognizable with their tall stature lean body elegant build and long silky coat.

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