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Afghan Hound Long Nose

The long fine textured coat requires considerable care and grooming. The afghan hound should be dignified and aloof with a certain keen fierceness.

12 Dogs With Long Noses That Ll Make An Adorable Addition To Your Family Dogs Ancient Dog Breeds Racing Dogs

15 dog breeds with long noses big snouts afghan hound.

Afghan hound long nose. In addition to a long nose pharaoh hounds also have big. Their long face has a prominent nose giving them a slightly roman appearance. Which can appear distant however they.

The afghan hound is considered an aristocratic sighthound. Tall and slender with a long narrow refined head silky topknot and powerful jaws the back part of the head and skull are quite prominent. Their ears are long.

The muzzle is slightly convex and the nose is black. Besides their adorable silky hair that s over 24 inches in length their nose is equally very pointy as you would see with many other sighthounds. Nose preferably black but liver is no.

Their huge paw pads acted as shock. The eastern or oriental expression is typical of the breed. They generally weigh just 50 60 pounds making them a medium large breed.

Meet eris pictured above. Afghan hounds are tall dogs measuring 25 27 inches at the shoulder but they re not stocky. Their nose greatly contributes to their look as well as their need for speed as the hound family.

This borzoi from virginia is believed to be the worlds longest nosed dog. The high hipbones and unique small ring on the end of the tail are also characteristics of the breed. Beneath the afghan s glamorous exterior is a powerful agile hound standing as high as 27 inches at the shoulder built for a long day s hunt.

A beautiful and noble dog breed the afghan hound has a calm nature. The skull well balanced and surmounted by a long top knot. Afghan hound the stunning silky manes of the afghan hounds make them instantly recognizable and a little high maintenance.

Foreface long with punishing jaws and slight stop. The long topknot and the shorter haired saddle on the back of the dog are distinctive features of the afghan hound coat. Similar to the borzoi their dark colored snout protrudes past its mouth with a high end tip.

The afghan has little or no stop which is the transition area from backskull to muzzle. And their eyes are dark and almond shaped. Skull long not too narrow with prominent occiput.

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