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Scottish Terrier Chihuahua Mix Puppies

He is a bold and confident but is very needy and will expect to get a lot of attention and affection from you. The scotchi is a mixed dog its parents being two purebreds the chihuahua and the scottish terrier.

Scotchi Scottish Terrier Chihuahua Mix Info And Pictures In 2020 Chihuahua Mix Terrier Chihuahua Mix Puppies

If you have never had a scottish terrier mix before look at the top 25 most popular crossbreeds listed and see which one might fit for you and your family.

Scottish terrier chihuahua mix puppies. Talk soothingly to your dog at all times and strive to provide as calm and stable a. More often than not small dog syndrome isn t. The breed s tiny size may make it attractive to large birds of prey or city dwelling wildlife.

Limit your chihuahua s unsupervised outdoor time. Other scottish terrier dog breed names. This toy sized designer dog is a mix between the silky terrier and a chihuahua.

They often get closely attached to one family member of the house. They suit owners who have time and patience to tackle early and continued socialization and training to ensure they don t develop small dog syndrome. His mother was a chihuahua and his father a scottish terrier he gets most of his features from his father like his wire hair beard and he looks more like a scottish terrier in the face but you can still tell that he is part chihuahua because of his big ears short hair long legs and long tail.

Because of its terrier ancestry the scotchi is a spunky and moderately aggressive dog. Scotchi pictures temperament and behavior the personality. From the silky terrier parent they are likely to inherit a thick and silky double coat that can come in all sorts of colors.

They love to hang out with their people and if not socialized and trained properly using positive reinforcement training of course they can become fearful of other people. The chihuahua terrier mix suits active adult only homes. He is also known as scotchahua a chihuahua scottish terrier mix and a scottie chihuahua.

Scottish terrier and chihuahua mix. The chihuahua is another such breed so if you are considering a chihuahua terrier mix of this variety it would be best to wait if you have children until they are older. It has a compact and sturdy body with short heavy legs small pointed ears and small almond shaped eyes.

Due to their small size they don t tolerate rough play from young children and with the terrier hunting genes they may nip. This famous designer dog is a combination of the scottish terrier and chihuahua. At the slightest sound they will go to check it out.

The chihuahua terrier mix dogs are alert and curious. A yorkshire terrier chihuahua mix will be a small dog since neither breed usually weighs much more than 7 pounds. Monster the scotchi as a 6 month old puppy he is a scottish terrier chihuahua mix.

He is a small cross with a life span of 12 to 15 years. The scotchi is one of those mixed breeds that is officially recognized by both the american canine hybrid club and the international designer canine registry. Scottish terrier x chihuahua mix.

Chihuahuas become excited and stressed easily also causing shivering. Scotchi is a small cross between two purebred dogs the scottish terrier and the chihuahua.

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