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Yorkipoo Colours

Black with tan spots. By the age of 6 months the feet reveal the breed s classic golden tan.

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The yorkipoo is often marketed as a designer dog when in reality it is a hybrid also known as a mutt.

Yorkipoo colours. The yorkie poo is a highly energetic canine that gets bored easily so daily mental and physical stimulation is recommended. This is one of the traits that make it very ideal for people with allergies. One of the great low maintenance factors with this breed is how easy it is to keep her active.

Poodles come in a variety of different colours and as such you will be able to find this breed in a range of different coat colours. It s small dog breed at about 7 to 15 inches tall weighing between 3 to 14 pounds. We are trying to work with other responsible breeders to develop this wonderful breed.

Yoodles were bred to try and capture the best qualities of the yorkshire terrier and the poodle and many a proud owner would say that the yorkiepoo truly captures the best of both worlds but our furry hybrid friends just aren t as prolific as either of their. A multigenerational breed a cross breed of two yorkipoos is odorless and nonshedding. A fun loving designer dog and therefore a mixed dog breed a yorkipoo is a cross between the yorkshire terrier and a toy or miniature poodle intelligent affectionate and gentle.

Because of the variation in coat color even puppies in the same litter will be different colors. The yorkipoo produces very little dander. The easiest way to guess what color your puppy will be is to look at the parent s coats or their ears.

Black with white spots. Some of the most common include. Silver cream brown red black and tan.

A young yorkie s coat color shift begin at his feet. Soon afterward the same shade appears on the base of his ears. The yorkipoo is a cross of the yorkshire terrier and a toy or miniature poodle also known as yorkie poodle mix.

The yorkipoo dog can come in a wide range of colors. Yorkipoo characteristics and temperament. Yorkipoo coats range from curly to straight.

Since the yorkiepoo is not yet an established breed there are no definite color guidelines. The yorkie poo doesn t need a ton of space to exercise. Yorkie poo coat and color.

Poodles come in a wide variety of different colors including black white brown silver gray apricot cream red sable and even some patterns like brindle and parti color. By his first birthday the black coat should be gone replaced by one of steel blue with tan hairs darkest at the roots and lightest at the tips. The colors listed above are just some of the yorkiepoo color variations.

How to groom a yorkipoo. Yorkipoos are newer breeds with their histories merely spanning a matter of decades but such is the case with most designer dogs. The coat should be soft and silky when you run your hands through it.

Since she is small stick to 20 or 30 minutes of playtime per day. The average lifespan of the yorkipoo is around 12 to 15 years.

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