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King Size King German Shepherd Puppies

Their goal was to breed a dog similar to the german shepherd dog but larger and without the existing health and temperament problems. Purchase price for a pet companion service dog 8 weeks old 2000.

Large King Size German Shepherds German Shepherd Puppies White German Shepherd Dogs White German Shepherd

German shepherds stand 22 to 26 inches 55 to 65 cm tall while king shepherd males tower at 27 31 inches 67 79 cm tall.

King size king german shepherd puppies. It exhibits great straight and endurance. Palos hills il usa. We specialize in the best quality long coat king german shepherd s that have a large bone structure straight backs and stunning long hair around their main.

King size german shepherd puppies. A king shepherd resembles a large german shepherd dog. The king shepherd originated in the united states of america in the late 19th century as the breed was developed by two breeders david turkheimer and shelly watts cross.

Size the german shepherd dog has a shoulder height of 56 66 cm 22 26 in and weighs 35 39 kg 77 85 lbs. The king shepherd was bred by american breeders in the 1990 s by crossing the german shepherd dog with the alaskan malamute and great pyrenees in an effort to make a larger variant. German shepherd dog puppy for sale near palos hills illinois usa.

4 years 4 months old. The size of our dogs could only be appreciated on site visit and once you come you could see the difference. What are their height and weight.

Are large rugged powerful and impressive possessing great endurance and agility. Technically it is a recently developed breed and a mixed between german shepherd and several other breeds. King shepherds are the largest of the shepherd class of dogs.

Only true long coat king size german shepherd in north america. These wonderful dogs were selectively bred to be large loyal and loving family companions and protectors. The breed was originally developed on the east coast using american bred german shepherds crossed to flock guardians which were then crossed with european bred german shepherd dogs.

See puppy request form on site to reserve your king shepherd puppy. German shepherd dog puppy for sale in palos hills il usa. King size german shepherd puppies.

Not only are king shepherds bigger than german shepherds but they are also more heavily muscled and stronger. The dog is also known by names giant german shepherd and the king size german shepherd. My king shepherd dogs.

The king shepherd is a large handsome looking breed. Despite their size they are remarkably athletic having incredible ability and endurance. Similar to that of the tina barber with her shiloh shepherd.

Older pups when available are priced on an individual basis. Large king size german shepherds boss is a solid white not snow white but a cream apricot buffing over his entire body very confident with lots of play energy but in a calm manner stable very sweet happy guy.

Long Haired King German Shepherd German Shepherd Dogs King German Shepherd German Shepherd

King Shepherd The King Shepherd Is An Arba Recognized Breed That Closely Resembles The German Shepherd King German Shepherd German Shepherd Dogs Shepherd Dog

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