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Afghan Hound All Dog Breeds

Afghan hound x golden retriever mix afghan retriever. Not all afghan hounds will have this but some lucky ones do.

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They are one of the few breeds of dog that has special scent glands in their cheeks that can release a pleasant musky odor often compared to sandalwood or cinnamon.

Afghan hound all dog breeds. The breed is selectively bred for its unique features in the cold mountains of afghanistan. Afghan hound x briard mix afaird. Many noted celebrities have owned afghan hounds.

Afghan hounds are one of the oldest recognizable breed of dogs and can be traced far back to the ancient pre christian era. They have the ability to run and turn well. Afghan hounds are tall slender sighthounds with an aristocratic and dignified appearance.

Afghan hound x collie mix afollie. The afghan hound also known as a tazi or baluchi hound formerly persian greyhound is an ancient breed which dates back to the age of the pharaohs but its modern development occurred mostly in afghanistan. Hailing from afghanistan where the original name for the breed was tazi the afghan is thought to date back to the pre christian era and is considered one of the oldest dog breeds.

The afghan hound is a hound that is distinguished by its thick fine silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end. The afghan hound was bred by nomadic tribes to hunt gazelles foxes and rabbits in harsh mountain terrain leading to a nimble body notable jumping ability and long coat for protection from the cold. Tahkira afghan hounds shimalma afghan hounds bondor afghan hounds and boanne afghan hounds among others have bred multiple generations of prize winning dogs.

Other names for this breed aretāzī balkh hound baluchi hound barakzai hound shalgar hound kabul hound galanday hound or sometimes incorrectly african hound. A breed expert writes it s not the breed for all would be dog owners but where the dog and owner combination is right no animal can equal the afghan hound as a pet national breed clubs. Its local name is tāžī spay or sag e tāzī.

Regarded as the king of all dog the regal afghan hound is truly a royalty. Afghan hound x cocker spaniel mix afghan spaniel. The ears and head are long and the unique patterns of the thick silky coat comes in all colors.

Certain afghan hound breeders have produced numerous champion dog lines. Afghan hound x chesapeake bay retriever mix afghan bay retriever. The long silky coat the elegance in gait beautiful long and elegant face give this dog breed an appearance of a beautifully sculpted fashion model clad in a long silky fur coat.

Afghan hounds are sometimes called the scented hound for a very special reason. The modern purebred of today descends from dogs brought to great britain from afghanistan in the 1920s that were bred with varieties of long haired sight hounds from all across afghanistan and the surrounding areas. Everything about the afghan hound is special.

Afghan hound x doberman pinscher mix doberghan.

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