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Afghan Hound Similar Breeds

Afghan hound has many other names so you might know this breed as tazi tazhi spay da kochyano spay sage balochi ogar afgan barakzai hound eastern greyhound and persian greyhound. This is a hound on the go.

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What is afghan hound behavior like.

Afghan hound similar breeds. Recognized by the american kennel club in 1926 as a hound breed. Afghan hounds belong to the subcategory of hound breeds known as sighthounds dogs who rely on their panoramic vision and explosive speed to spot and pursue their prey. Though the breed originated in afghanistan where the breed name was tazi most of today s afghan hounds are thought to have originated in early 20th century great britain.

Many of them enjoy a significant amount of exercise and can be described as dignified aloof but trustworthy companions. Afghan hounds are considered one of nine ancient or basal breeds meaning their dna is more closely related to the dogs of ancient history than common contemporary breeds. There are at least 13 types known in afghanistan and some are being developed through breeding and record keeping into modern purebred breeds.

Afghans will dash after things well beyond your range of vision. A fixture of eastern culture. If you re planning to play in your own backyard you ll need a fence taller than you afghan hounds are notorious jumpers.

Afghan hound is similar to these dog breeds. Saluki sloughi azawakh and tazi all have similar structure to the afghan and at one point or another in history they were all considered the same breed with different amounts of hair. Not recognized by the american kennel club.

Baluchi hound tazi tazhi spay da kochyano spay sage balochi ogar afgan eastern greyhound persian greyhound. Ibizan hound scottish deerhound basset hound and more. Afghan hounds aren t usually effusive but they form deep and loyal bonds with their families.

The scent hounds include the beagle and bloodhound and the sight hounds such breeds as the whippet and greyhound. Other types or breeds of similar appearance are the taigan from the mountainous tian shan region on the chinese border of afghanistan and the barakzay or kurram valley hound.

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