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Alaskan Malamute Border Collie Mix Puppies

Collie may weigh 10 kg 22 pounds lesser than alaskan malamute. Collie is originated from united kingdom but alaskan malamute is originated from united states.

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Say hello to sonny.

Alaskan malamute border collie mix puppies. Roxi alaskan malamute mix puppy for sale in defiance oh. They re affectionate canines that don t like being left alone. Each established breed of dog has a set of characteristics that works together.

Description of malamute border collie mix breed. The malamute border collie mix is an extremely active and hardy dog which has. The malamute border collie mix is a breed of dog that has been bred specifically for grazing sheep in hilly areas between england and scotland.

The bordermute mixes the alaskan malamute and the border collie. Alaskan malamute mix puppies for sale in oh. Sonny is family raised with children and is well socialized.

They are larger than a. Border collies are known for their intelligence and highly trainability. You could get a dog with the strong desire to please of a border collie or one that is more into their own agenda like a malamute.

Both collie and alaskan malamute has almost same life span. Border collie alaskan malamute mix aka malamute collie image source. This cutie is vet checked and up to date on shots and wormer.

For example you could get a dog with the reactivity of a border collie or the steadier temperament of a malamute. The alaskan malamute border collie mix is an athletic dog for that it needs to feed more. Both collie and alaskan malamute has almost same litter size.

Find your alaskan malamute mix today. He can be registered with the akc plus comes with a health guarantee provided by the breeder. Border collie alaskan malamute.

An active dog like that alaskan malamute border collie mix must be fed with nutrient dense meals that readily translates to availability of proteins vitamins complex. We offer a list of reputable breeders in pa and ohio. Both collie and alaskan malamute are having almost same height.

One of the rarer mixes on this list the alaskan malamute is an elegant and sophisticated doggo that is fit for a king. But they aren t always naughty. Get yours from lancaster puppies.

This pup looks like a husky and is often confused for them because their looks are so similar. He is a nice looking alaskan malamute puppy with a soft and fluffy coat. These herding dogs are valued for their sharp vision and attentiveness.

So the malamute collie mix will try to outsmart its owner and herd kids. Its meals need to be more nourished to sustain its high performance levels.

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