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Blue Eyes Pomeranian Dog

A Blue Pomeranian is a uniform dull black color but the nose has blue coloring. Gorgeous little white merle female with a partial blue eye.

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One or both eyes genetically may be blue blue marbled have blue flecks or be brown.

Blue eyes pomeranian dog. Dark brown and medium brown is the most common eye color in Pomeranians. However light blue blue marbled or blue flecked eyes would be disqualified at a dog show. If youre looking for something different exotic and unique.

The eyes are generally lighter than in undiluted black litter mates and may be blue at birth darkening as the dog reaches 1 year old. If they do theyll be considered partis. They decided blue eyes which are naturally occurring in whites sometimes and are helpful genetic indicators.

The association of merle coloration and deafness is well established. Not all dogs with blue eyes are healthy there are some genetic combinations that can result in a blue-eyed dog that has major health issues. Week old male Pomeranian.

True black Pomeranian puppies have black eye rims as well as black paws lips and noses. The nose eye rims paw pads and lip edges will be dark gray. They dont mind self coloring meaning hazel on chocolate dogs and a blue-ish look on blue dogs.

In this case you must seek out a Veterinarian some conditions can cause irreversible blindness. Although rare Pomeranians can have blue eyes. Blue merle is actually a black dog with the dilution gene acting upon the black areas of the coat.

Blue with Tan Points. To tell whether a dog is black or blue check the nose as back poms have black noses and blue Poms have blue. Blue Poms are usually the result of breeding blacks together.

Lora is extremely passionate knowledgeable and has a lot of experience when it comes to breeding. They dont have a secondary color. Exquisite Purebred Pomeranian puppies from Illinois.

My heart is filled with joy and I am at peace knowing that Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies are blessed with amazing families who show them so much love and affection. Current ACK breed standard is really messed up right now regarding eyes. Giving him a smokey look.

Then you came to the right place. Some arent seen that often. Search For More Puppies Dogs And Find Pet Care Information And Buying Tips.

A dogs eye color is ultimately determined by its genetics. Current on vaccinations and dewormer. The eye rims nose lips and to pads are black.

If your dogs eyes are suddenly turning blue or cloudy this can indicate your dog has contracted an eye disease such as Cataracts or Glaucoma. POMARAZZI POMERANIAN breeds exotic colored Purebred Pomeranians with gorgeous blue eyes. Blue Merle Pomeranian Health Problems.

Veterinary studies have been conducted on merle dogs since 1971. Thank you to all the Models Actors Music Artists Professional Athletes Social Media Influencers Pom moms Pom dads Businessmen and Businesswomen who have allowed me to share their names and photos across all of my platforms. In the event the coat is made up of any kind of additional colors the dog is appropriately termed as a parti-color or tri-color Pomeranian.

Very playful and energetic. Poms that have blue skin pigmentation may retain their dark navy eyes into adulthood. Some blue dilute individuals may have dark eyes.

A Blue color is a black dog with white mixed through out his coat. Blue Pomeranians are so beautiful so its a shame theyre rare. Pomeranian Blue eyes Puppies Dogs For Sale Or Adoption In Your Area - -.

Please note that the Pomeranian Standard has a Disqualification for blue eyes blue marbling or blue flecks. Dark blue eyes are common in newborn pups with the eyes changing color within 4 6 weeks. Poms actually have several eye colors.

Since blue coats might appear black look at the skin and nose of your Pomeranian puppy. There are some genetic variants that contain blue eyes as a dominant trait. A Pomeranian blue merle Breeder and owners of merle Pomeranians need to be aware of the following risks associated with this Pomeranian color pattern.

Pomeranian blue are a diluted black and must have blue points Eye rims nose and pads. Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.

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