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What is average cost of pet insurance?

pet insurance

The cost of your pet insurance will vary depending on what type of policy you choose. According to Moneysmart, pet owners typically spend between $20 to $60 a month on pet insurance – or $240 to $720 every year.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Aussies like their pets, with almost two-thirds of households having at least one pet in 2019.1

Many pet owners will notify you, with this responsibility for various costs: food, vaccination, care, and other products and services to keep their hairy family members happy and healthy.

What about pet insurance? You may have heard it, but do you know how much it costs?

How much pet insurance?

Your pet insurance fee will vary depending on what type of policy you choose. According to Moneysmart, pet owners usually spend between $ 20 to $ 60 per month on pet insurance - or $ 240 to $ 720 every year.

In comparison, pet owners put around $ 450 to spending veterinarians every year, along with around $ 300 to $ 450 spent on lice care, tick and worms, etc. Other costs vary but can include things such as council registration, food, Care, and vaccination. However, the most significant cost can come from emergency medical procedures if your pet is sick or injured, which can connect thousands depending on the procedure.

While pet insurance may not cover all of these expenses, it can run far to reduce the financial burden of some of these costs.

What factors affect your pet insurance premium?

When it comes to pet insurance, your premium is calculated using a combination of factors about you and your pet so that everyone pays a reasonable price for their pet insurance. The following factors can affect your premium number:



where do you live

Desks / Spayed Status


Animal type (dog or cat).

In addition, every pet insurance policy is priced differently depending on the type of cover. This is because each policy covers different medical costs, comprehensively becomes a more expensive cover because it offers broader protection for previously injured and disease (some policies also offer optional routine maintenance for inspection, vaccination, and others.

Conversely, the base cover is a lower cost option because it only covers the cost of veterinarians for accidentally determining injuries. While policies can also include disease cover, basic policies may have a lower annual amount, you can claim or offer a reduced replacement percentage.

Another factor that can affect your premium is your strength. This is the sum of the bag you pay when you submit a claim. If you choose to pay higher advantages, you can pay less every month in insurance premiums - and vice versa.

Finally, each company's insurance company is different, which means there are no two policies that tend to be the same.

How to Save Your Pet Insurance Policy

You may already have pet insurance if you feel unconscious with surprise costs. However, many Aussies may pay too much for their policies and general pet care. These are some tips about how you can save.

Compare policies before you buy

Comparing some providers and policies can help you not only consider coverage and benefits, but also the price, so you can find a cheaper price at the same closing level.

Insurance your pet from a young age

Many insurance companies will not insure pets exceeding a certain age, plus existing conditions that may not be borne. Starting coverage from an early age before health problems arise can mean a smaller possibility that your pet has existing conditions that have been excluded from the cover - potentially save your money at the time of the claim.

Improve your excess payment

Pet insurance policies often allow you to choose your excess payment or do not have excess payments at all. The excess payment refers to the costs that you contribute to the claim. If you have the option to increase your excess payment, this means that your annual premium will be cheaper.

Compare to see how much pet insurance costs

Comparing pet insurance policies can give you a better idea of how much it’ll cost to cover your pet. Here’s where we can help.

Our free pet insurance comparison service compares policies from a range of different brands in Australia side by side. All we need is some details about you and your pet, and we can help you find cover in a matter of minutes.

Whether you’re looking for something basic or more comprehensive, see why it pays to compare with us today.

Need more information on pet insurance? Learn more about the different types of pet insurance.

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